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Since ad extensions are the most powerful feature in the AdWords platform, Google has announced four new ad extensions (which have been in Beta for a while now). They are:

  • Image Extensions

  • Review Extensions

  • Dropdown Navigation Extensions

  • Communication Extensions

These great new extensions can increase in your business and opportunity through paid advertising. 97% of Google’s income comes from paid advertising, which is why they experiment with AdWords features frequently.

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Below, I explain these new extensions in greater detail. All of these are still in beta, so please communicate with your AdWords account manager to get them after reading this article if you want to include them in your account.

Image Ad Extensions:

In June, 2013 Google announced the new ad extension feature called “Image Extensions”. As the name indicates, Image Ad Extensions add visual elements to search ads. For this, you need to choose specific, eye-catching images which you want to display along with your ad and send it to Google for review. Once your ads get approved with Image extension, it will be in search results with the Image. Be advised that these image extensions will only show up if your ad is showing in position 1 of the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Image Ad Extensions

If you are interested in participating in the Image Extensions contact your AdWords account manager or fill out this form.

Review Extensions:

In general terms, customer reviews are helpful for potential customers to understand why your ad products or services are right for them. The same logic has been introduced in AdWords by announcing ‘Review Extensions’ (beta) on June 27, 2013. It is very valuable for advertisers to show positive reviews, awards or accolades along with their ads.

Review Extensions

Google is looking for more advertisers to participate in this and soon they will be adding support for review extensions in the AdWords interface. If you’d like to participate in the Review Extensions beta, please contact your AdWords representative now.

Drop-Down Navigation Ad Extensions:

Google doesn’t have any official announcement regarding this ad extension. But it’s been there for more than two months. This has been spotted by Kim Clinkunbroomer of Philly Marketing Labs. There he mentioned that while he was doing some browsing, he came across an ad with drop-down button. This Drop-Down was clearly an extension, as it was displayed just below the ad text. This allows visitors to navigate on landing pages with a single click.

Drop-Down Navigation Ad Extensions

Communication Ad Extensions:

Some days ago, Google began testing Communication Ad Extensions that allow users to type their email addresses into an ad to subscribe to a newsletter. In simple words, we can define them as, ”Leads from a visitor without actually sending them to a landing page.” When the user sends a lead (whether from selecting an email or request a call) through communication ad extension, Google will provide advertisers with a message containing user provided information.

Communication Ad Extensions


Try out these new ad extensions provided by Google. It will surely enhance your ads. Through this you will get a new opening for giving more exposure to your ad. Turn on your AdWords now and create your own ad extension and calculate the success rate.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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  • avatar

    I have mixed feelings about Google Adwords picking up images. I think that it’s going to be great for advertisers, but as a user I’m going to miss the clean, quick interface that they have right now. The fact that I don’t usually get pictures when I do a google search is one of the things I like about their engine at the moment.
    If the results are actually good, contextual ones for me I might not mind it as much, though.

  • avatar
    Shawn Gossman 


    I like the fact that Google Adwords is getting images involved. I honestly think that images in advertising helps to increase conversions. I mean we add images to our blogs to make it more interesting right? So why not add them to advertisements as well to get a target market interested.

  • avatar
    Maureen McCabe 


    This is a very educational blog… and there are definitely new opportunities to pursue. The review extensions could be very powerful for local businesses.

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