Anatomy of a Great PPC Landing Page

Anatomy of a Great PPC Landing Page

A strong landing page is the backbone of a successful PPC campaign. Any agency providing Pay Per Click Advertising services knows that a robust, and effective designed landing page can kick start a campaign on a high note and also bring in positive and highly desired results. The thing to know however is that a great landing page is a product of clever design, research as well as expert knowledge. Only then can a page prove effective in increasing conversions and lowering the cost per click.

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Keeping that in mind, here’s a dissected anatomy of a good landing page and what it should consist:

Contact Details:

For this, we are going to lay massive emphasis on your logo and contact details that should be placed on the top of the page. A well-designed, high-quality logo and one phone number that is clickable are a must. Mobile searchers are the target with the clickable phone number as they are responsible for a number of additional actions and conversions.

Simple Navigation:

Unlike the example above, the navigation bar should be simple with just the basic required information that does not overwhelm. Just limited options that are enough to allow visitors to be driven towards a conversion are acceptable. Too many options will confuse the users and take them off your page, something that you don’t want.

Leverage Social Media:

All your social media links should be clear and placed in good view. Encouraging users to connect to your social media profiles is a key element to promote current and even future conversions. Statistics prove that most consumers use social media to get to know a brand better and not having these links on your page is massive lost opportunity.

Headline that hits:

Get to the point straight away with a solid headline that clearly showcases what you are offering and why it should be bought. The headline should be connected to the ad in order to establish relevancy and for the user to know that they have come to the right place. Clear, precise and specific is the way to go.

Conversion form:

Here too, keep it simple. A short form asking for basic details is more likely to be filled out as opposed to a long drawn copy. Encourage users to fill out forms by making it easy and channel conversions more effectively.


The advertising text should focus on what is in it for the consumer, because quite frankly that is the only thing that they are interested in. Not what but why should be the key focus. Try not to make the text too lengthy and stick to relevant information.


Go for a good quality, high-resolution image that will connect the consumer to the conversion form. Choose something appealing that is likely to motivate and funnel the user towards a conversion. Better still add a short video if possible.

Showcase yourself:

For a consumer to trust you, they need to know why. Use things like credentials, positive reviews and testimonials to aim to build trust by showcasing your positive and solid reputation.


This is a requirement in our pay per click campaigns, make sure you link to the relevant one from your landing page. A privacy policy is a must and consumer information should be protected at all costs.

With a good landing page, a major part of the battle is won. From there on, it is just a matter of maintaining and updating it regularly to keep reaping the rewards and returns.

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    Thanks for sharing this information with us and it is a nice blog.

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    Sucha effortlessly explained the ppc concept all the technical part is so cleared now after reading the article,thanks and keep sharing

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    Sucha Nicely explained ppc concept , all the technical part is very well elaborated, keep posting such informative articles

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    Every one of the Techniques that you have referenced on Social Media Marketing is Absolutely Correct. In my View, Social Media is a ground-breaking Solution to current age in all angles.

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    Great article and a good way of telling. I like the way of writing. Keep writing similar content.

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    I love the way you post this blog its mindblowing Thanks for the sharing valuable post it has all thing which is necessary to understand for a new person

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    Good points to notice. I especially like that you pointed out the importance of keywords and Simple Navigation!
    Thanks Sarvesh Bagla these are awesome ideas that I’m going to share for sure!

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    Good points Sarvesh Bagla, since we all of the marketers are looking more conversions through Landing pages, it should be simple and user friendly. Also the integration of QCF is the most important thing among these, because more simple forms getting more conversions.
    Another great significant thing is CONTENT, we need to make sure the content should be related to search queries of a user. This means the keywords which we selecting for a paid adverting should be relevant, otherwise the user will go away from the landing pages even it has amazing design and layouts.
    Paid advertising always standing on landing page and search queries, so make these two best and rise to the business on top.

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    Nice overview of how one should consider composing their PPC Landing Page, Sarvesh Bagla! Too many people invest in site developers that end up clogging all sorts of information in one page and expecting people to actually fathom where the sale is actually going to be. It wastes a lot of money on the person trying to promote their landing page when they could be using common sense to be vicarious of their audience.
    This article definitely provides the most important rudiments people should consider, and finding ways to twist things up a bit. I think simple trial and error while still sustaining those fundamentals is what will allow others to create consistent and top-notch PPC Landing pages.

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