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A Beginner’s Guide to PPC Jargon, Lingo & Buzzwords

Pay Per Click October 24th, 2013


Sometimes when you are working with an agency it can seem daunting to hear the buzzwords you don’t know. Things like: “it looks like you have a healthy impression share”. And it completely understandable if you’re new to the world of digital marketing.  As industry experts it’s sometimes easy to forget that not everyone speaks our language!

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Fear not! Below, I have explained the most common terms when it comes to Paid Search Marketing!

Remarketing / Retargeting: This refers to a strategy that allows advertisers to target their site visitors elsewhere on the web. This means that after visiting a site that’s doing remarketing, you will see ads for that company on other sites you visit around the web; effectively “remarketing” to you.

Geo-Targeting:  With regards to PPC, Geo-Targeting is a away of only reaching the users within the area you operate and wish to target. Google can define were a person is located when searching and will be able to show them ads that are most relevant to them.

Impression Share: As it says it command the amount of the paid search market you have a share in based on your budget! If you have a low impression share it means your budget it not enough to put your ad out there the majority of the time people are searching for your targeted keywords.

Local Search: This allows users to find businesses that are within a local geographic range.

CTR: Click Through Rate: This is the level of consumers who click through to your site after they have seen your advertisement!

PPC Match Types:

  • Broad Match – This is the default match for whenever you add a keyword. In its most basic terms, it means that whenever anyone types in any variation of your keyword it will appear.
  • Exact Match – This means that your ad will ONLY show up when someone types in your keyword exactly as it is written.
  • Phrase Match – Your add will only appear when someone types your keyword in as written with additional words on either side of the keyword.

Conversion: A desired action taken by someone who visits your site. This can be anything from filling out a contact form, making a purchase, to signing up to your contact list.

CPL: The amount of money you are spend for every lead.

Google Keyword Planner:  Found in the AdWords interface, this tool helps advertisers find new keyword ideas and adds them to your account. This can also be used to estimate traffic volume, identify negative keywords and determine competition level as well.

Negative Keyword: In pay per click we have the option to prevent your ad from showing when a certain phrase is typed in.  This is achieved through Negative Keywords

Hope this blog has provided a few helpful hints to make your meetings as productive as possible!

Post By Gemma Foster (2 Posts)

Gemma is a proven account specialist, with a dedicated focus on increasing her clients business with proven metrics and dynamic creative.


Gemma is a proven account specialist, with a dedicated focus on increasing her clients business with proven metrics and dynamic creative.
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A Beginner’s Guide to PPC Jargon, Lingo & Buzzwords

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