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To fully enjoy the taste, aroma and flavor, you need a cup of coffee that is perfectly brewed. There are various methods to brew a coffee that extracts the desired components from coffee beans. Brewing perfect coffee is an art and the science behind it is its own. For those who are unfamiliar with this art can always find best nespresso machine 2019 to make the perfect coffee for themselves.

Coffee is one of the most preferred drink in home and offices. Been a coffee lover our self, we were obsessed with finding the perfect blend to enjoy it more. So we have evaluated many brewing and grinding equipment. Let us take a look at some of our findings.

Does Difference of Coffee Equipment Matter?

It depends on what type of coffee drinker you are. You will not get the best results if you use a cheap single origin coffee and grind it through a $30 drip machine. But of course if you are not looking to get the perfect coffee blend and just need a quick coffee fix to start your morning, a cheaper coffee maker and a bag of ordinary house blend will taste will feel the same no matter how you prepare it. If you are not looking for perfection then you may use coffee sachets bag instead.

How to Determine the Best Coffee Grinder

To brew the perfect coffee it is essential that you use the best machine to grind your coffee beans. Grinding coffee beans is a serious business. If your coffee beans are not grinded properly and evenly then you cannot produce a perfect blend, even with the latest coffee or nespresso machine of 2019 available out there in the market.

Regrettably most of the grinders available out there are not consistent so we get the best coffee bean grinder that costs more then $2500 and compare its result with other most popular coffee grinders available for both home and office use.

We started with the most expensive coffee grinder by dialing in the optimal drip machine setting that was instructed on the roaster of Lofted Coffee in Brooklyn. We tried to come as close to that grind as possible by adjusting our testing units. We use the same method with a cheaper coffee grinder. After that we used a sediment analysis tool to see how much of each sample fell in the ideal grind size range.

We were shocked to find that the cheaper coffee grinder had produced nearly identical results as the most expensive grinder.

Coffee Maker 12

Testing of the Coffee Maker

After observing the test result of coffee grinders, we were curious to see if the different coffee makers produce the same result. So we brought in many popular coffee makers with best reviews and compared them with our blind testing panel of coffee nerds liked, a $350 coffee maker that we already use in our office.

We tested these machines twice. Once with single origin coffee to determine which machine was more acceptable to our sensitive coffee lovers. Then we used pre-ground Dunkin Donuts house blend. The result came as a tie again.

In our research, we found that K-Cup brewers are almost the same. We determined that most of the cheap coffee makers can produce much batter coffee and can be less expensive in long run. Another benefit of these coffee makers is that they are way easier to run then expensive coffee makers.

Making a perfect espresso at home is not an easy task and you need a lot of practice to make it right. The best solution is to get the best nespresso machine with good reviews and reasonable price. It can cost you about $1 for each pod but it is still way more convenient then getting a similar $3 drink at Starbucks.

Smart Kitchen Trends for Coffee Drinkers

Thanks to the digital advancement, now you can operate your coffee machines via Wi-Fi and an app from your smartphone screen. Almost all of the coffee makers came with timers. You still need to add pre-ground coffee in the smart coffee machine. So the next day when you need the coffee, the programmable coffee maker will brew coffee from which already gets stale. An app can’t fix this problem, nothing beats the freshly grind coffee to brew the perfect Joe.


After all this testing we determine that coffee making is an art that need considerable skill and practice. It is easier to brew a perfect coffee with a latest nespresso machine. If you are worried about choosing from various coffee machine brands, then you can easily find some good nespresso machines 2019. Keep in mind that in order to get the best brew, always use the freshly grinded coffee from a coffee beans grinding machine.

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