Reviews on Affiliate Program for Longtail Pro vs Semrush

Reviews on Affiliate Program for Longtail Pro vs Semrush

Search Engine optimization is a process in which you gather organic traffic for your website through natural search results on search engine. There are many tools available to review and improve your SEO and content marketing.

Some of the best SEO tools are SEMrush, Long Tail Pro, Google Keyword Planner, Moz and Ahrefs. In this article we will discuss 2 of the most popular SEO tools SEMrush and Long Tail Pro. If you are confused between choosing Long Tail Pro and SEMrush then you must read this article bySemrush to determine the best SEO tool for you.

You need to bring more visitors to your sites in order to increase your sales and online income. Organic search traffic is the best source to get massive target audience to your website to boost your online presence and revenue. The key is to find the right keywords and these SEO tools help to accomplish this task.

This is the reason why we decide to present you with this detailed comparison between SEMrush and Long Tail Pro.

About SEMrush

Just to be certain we have conducted a brief survey and asked many SEO experts about their favorite SEO tools. Many good SEO tools name comes up and SEMrush is the top of this list. 40% of the total SEO experts we contacted like to use SEMrush. If you quickly want to boost your organic traffic then this tool is the best one for you.

As we mention above, this is an excellent tool which had already proven its worth among SEO experts. SEMrush has created several databases, each database is suited for different country. The information you get about your keyword or competitor from these databases are extremely accurate because they update their database regularly.

SEMrush is the best tool to find and overtake your rival in search results. This is the best tool to get detailed information about various keyword phrases like keyword difficulty, CPC distribution and traffic share.

Longtail Pro vs Semrush

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of SEMrush.

Pros of Using SEMrush

  • You can easily find accurate website’s traffic with this tool.
  • You can easily check backlinks and analysis of any website.
  • This is the best tool to easily perform keyword research.
  • With SEMrush you can make a custom audit for your website to find the issues and errors in your website.
  • You can also check your keyword positions in search engines with this tool.
  • This tool can provide analysis of 5 competitors at once for all keywords.

Cons of Using SEMrush

  • The free version is good but to get actual results you need to pay around $99 per month. To professional SEO expert this price is nothing compare to the benefits they get with paid version. That is why many SEO experts stick with this tool.
  • Apart from been a little expensive we were unable to find and more cons of this excellent SEO tool.

Advantage of using SEMrush over Long Tail Pro

Now let us review the benefits of choosing SEMrush over Long Tail Pro.

If you want to completely overcome your competition then this is the tool for you. With SEMrush you can spy on your rivals top keywords. You can also check estimated traffic of other websites, backlinks and fix your own websites issues. In general SEMrush is an all rounder SEO tool which can help bloggers and marketers in growing their traffic and sales of their business websites.

Long Tail Pro is specifically made to find the long tail keywords, but you can also perform various tasks like checking other websites traffic, spy on their keywords and get analysis on backlinks like SEMrush.

About Long Tail Pro

If you are tired of using Google’s Keyword Planner then this is a great SEO tool for you. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool so naturally the low competition keywords you find there are already been used by thousands of bloggers. This means even with a low competition keyword you have to compete with thousands of other bloggers and marketers.

Long Tail Pro is the best alternative in such regard. When it comes to researching keywords, this is one of the best tool available for SEO professionals. It will help you find best profitable keywords with less competition.

Let’s find out more about this tool.

Benefits of Long Tail Pro

  • This tool helps you identify unlimited keyword opportunities.
  • Makes it easy to test the niche viability.
  • Helps you focus on profitable niche.
  • With Long Tail Pro you can easily create targeted campaigns to boost traffic on your website.
  • You can search multiple keywords simultaneously.
  • Long Tail Pro can automatically find domain names.
  • It can provide up to 800 results for every basic keyword you search.
  • It automatically check ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

Cons of Long Tail Pro

  • This tool is also not free and you have to pay around $40/month to use it.
  • The main focus of this tool is to find long tail keywords and it will not help you analyse backlinks or find main keywords of your competition.

Advantage of using Long Tail Pro over SEMrush

This tool helps you select the best and most profitable long tail keywords by eliminating all the short tail keywords. So by using the best keywords that really work, you can really boost the overall traffic on your website.

You will get a massive list of long tail keywords with Long Tail Pro while SEMrush gives all round results.


We hope that with the help of this Journal Review article on Long Tail Pro vs Semrush, you know the strengths and weaknesses of these tools. Now it will be easy for you to decide which tool is more useful for your SEO needs. We have used and found them both useful. SEMrush clearly provide more features then Long Tail Pro but Long Tail Pro has advantage over SEMrush too in finding the best long tail keywords. So choose whatever suits your SEO needs.

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