Google Street View Launches Across Canada and On The Slopes!

Google Street View Launches Across Canada and On The Slopes!

gGoogle Street View Launches Across Canada and On The Slopes! We've talked about Google Street View launching in Canada twice on this blog - in October of last year when Street View went live in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe, and in December when I discussed how Google expanded the service to 9 additional Canadian cities.

It seems that Google quietly expanded the service to pretty much every paved road across Canada. You can now use Street View almost anywhere across the country. So maybe there's not a lot in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, but you get the idea from the coverage map. Street View can be used anywhere you see the blue colouring (no, not the water, funny guy).

Google Street View

It appears that the images were captured around the time Toronto's were (late summer of 2009), as you can see by the date listed on this church in my old hometown. Thanks to Kip for pointing it out!

Google Street View Canada

It's nice that smaller towns and rural areas are being added, as those of us from such places who don't get back to visit much now have a chance to see what's changed, or even what has stayed the same.

There was one more addition to Street View in Canada that was announced and that was the addition of images from the slopes of Whistler, British Columbia, courtesy of the Google Street View snowmobile.

Now we can all see places in Canada that we always wanted to! Thats cool.

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