Google Logo Celebrates The Invention of the Barcode

Google Logo Celebrates The Invention of the Barcode

Google Celebrating The Birth Of The Barcode Patent

Those visiting Google today may be wondering why instead of seeing Google it shows an image of a bar code?  Not unlike many of the changes we see to the Google logo, today Google is celebrating the birthday of the invention of the bar code
TGoogle Bar Code Image

Patented October 7 1952, by Nobel Prize winners Charles Kuen Kao, George Smith and Willard Boyle, the technology allowed light energy to convert into an electronic charge.  The technology was instrumental in the development of digital imaging.

The idea was later commissioned in a report by IBM and like many great ideas were sold an intermediary who then sold it to RCA.

From what we hear you can scan the bar code and it will translate into Google!

Changing the Google logo is nothing new for Google.  We saw crop circles last month.  We have also seen Google pay homage to great people around the world like Einstein, Da Vinci, & Michael Jackson.   We also see Google change their logo on most special events around the world like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day.

The subtle doodles are managed at Google by Dennis Hwang, who seems to specialize in making the subtle changes at just the right times. 

The bar code doodle is unique in that it is rare that Google removes their name (in readable format) from the top logo completely.

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    Seeing the doodle first I thought Google was having fun. Then my eagle eyes worked and I realized it was Google’s way of observing the occasion.

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