Google Celebrates Pac Man’s Birthday In Style!

Google Celebrates Pac Man’s Birthday In Style!

Hmm…  I wonder who’s birthday it is today?  If you go to Google you will quickly find out!  Pac Man turns 30 today. If you are really cool (like us) you will notice that the Google logo has changed in support of this occasion.

If you use your arrow keys you will even be able to play the game.  Eating ghosts and clearing Pac Man levels.  Work productivity this Friday is sure to go down. :)

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    Happy birthday Pac Man. I guess you are 32 now, nearly as old as me. Great game and always will be though this one was difficult to play. Well done Google for knowing this stuff and sharing.

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    Want to know the productivity loss for companies just because google changed it's logo to pac man's –

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    Did you actually try playing it though?  It was almost impossible the way you had to click your mouse to control it.  Probably a good thing or I could have wasted hours!

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    Damn cool!  I am very much excited to see Pac Man on Google's homepage. And I liked the Google version of the game very much. Thanks Google for giving us an opportunity to play our favourite game once again.

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