6 of the Smartest and Easiest Ways to Establish Online Brand Recognition

smartest ways to establish online brand recognition

Standing out among the noise of branding and advertising online is a huge challenge for many e-commerce companies. Brand recognition is super important for long-term growth and customer loyalty. In general, consumers are more likely to purchase and re-purchase from a brand that they remember or are familiar with. Lucid Press’s report found that businesses focusing on consistent branding visibility had 23% higher revenues and were more profitable than competitors.

Impact of Brand Consistency

So, how can you ensure that your online brand is noticed, recognized, and remembered by your target audience? Here are six quick and simple ideas to kickstart your branding efforts.

1. Write a Memorable Slogan

Consumers often remember brands through associations. A memorable catchphrase can be a great tool to create this association with your customers. Read off this list of some famous slogans and see if you can remember the brand they are connected to:

I’m lovin’ It.

Save money, live better.

What’s in your wallet?

Just do it.

It’s finger lickin’ good.


Upon hearing most (if not all) of these slogans, the company’s name probably popped into your head. This is because these businesses were able to condense their branding into a simple little phrase. In order to build up your brand’s recognition, you will want to generate some slogan ideas to use with your marketing messages. Try to make it short and sweet, but still a good representation of your brand’s message or product.

2. Set Your Aesthetic

Another way to build recognition is choosing an overall aesthetic that builds a brand identity customers will remember. Our eyes are naturally drawn towards colour and contrast, so it is important that you incorporate a good colour scheme into more than just your logo. For instance, your product’s packaging, your website, and even your social media pages should all follow the same general colour scheme to make a more memorable impact.

However, your brand’s aesthetic goes beyond just colour. Details like voice, sense of humour, visual image styling, and overall appearance must be cohesive to create a memorable brand. Be sure that you create a vision board of your brand’s personality; include colours, pictures, words, and descriptions that you want to use to represent your business, and then match up every marketing message with this image to establish this recognizable aesthetic.

Set Your Aesthetic

3. Make Your Content Unique to Each Audience

Creating superior content is always the main priority for marketing teams. It is the backbone for building engagement and encouraging conversions. If a business is really hitting the nail on the head in terms of content relevancy, it is going to get your brand noticed and recognized.

A great way to do this is by focusing on unique content for each segmented target audience. For instance, look at the types of content that are ranking highest on each social platform. On Facebook, live streams, videos, and linked content perform quite well, whereas Instagram is better for sharing “stories” and curated visual content. Try to make the most of each site’s unique features, such as creating a branded Snapchat filter or getting in on a trending hashtag conversation on Twitter.

Make Your Content Unique

4. Check Out Podcast Features

Podcasting is becoming a popular way to reach audiences without any visual elements. Depending on your niche and key area of focus, you may want to launch your own podcast to discuss hot topics in the industry, offer advice to your customers, or connect with experts in the field to share their ideas.

Another way to incorporate podcasting as a marketing tool is by getting featured on channels that reach your target audiences. For instance, if you are selling a health food product, you will want to reach out to podcasts that talk about healthy living, fitness, or dieting. You can pitch your brand story and ask for a feature on their podcast to talk about your business, experience, or expertise if it correlates well with the main topic of the program. Or, you can also start off by becoming a sponsor and offering a discount code to their listeners to start attracting new customers.


5. Focus on Niche Micro-Influencer Campaigns

Since influencers have already done the work of building recognition with their audience, tying your brand to their name can help to expand your own following. While many of the big name influencers have a wide social reach, micro-influencers actually have higher engagement rates with smaller but more focused audience groups. This makes partnering with them a better option for newer brands that are looking to connect with specific customer segments.

Niche Micro-Influencer Campaigns

6. Stand for Something

Another fantastic way to build meaningful connections between people and your brand is to let your good deeds do the talking. Cause marketing is becoming a huge trend among businesses because customers are starting to care a lot about where their money is going. Many of us would be more likely to buy from a brand that gives back to the community or shares their profits with a charity organization. So, by supporting a good cause, your business benefits by giving back and attracting more customers.

Find a non-profit that does meaningful work or host a day where your staff goes and volunteers for a good cause. Then, talk about the ways that you are making a positive difference in the world and incorporate this into your branding as much as possible. And, of course, be sure that your good deeds are genuine and not just a publicity stunt. Most consumers can smell BS from a mile away.

Stand for Something


The world of online business has truly boomed over the past decade, and as the global online economy grows, it is becoming even harder to make your brand memorable and recognizable. However, you can use some of these simple branding ideas to get your name out there and start generating a perception that customers instantly recognize and remember.

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