What is WhatSim? WhatsApp Without Internet

What is WhatSim? WhatsApp Without Internet

Facebook has been dominating the social media world for a long time, especially after its acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram. WhatsApp recently announced the new creation of WhatSim.

What is WhatSim?

What is WhatSim?

The move for WhatsApp into telecommunication can be a huge step for other social media platforms. With WhatsApp having 700 million monthly active users, this attempt might cause a lot of pressure to telecommunication companies.

WhatSim is just like the SIM card you have in your cell phones right now. However, there's more to it than that! With WhatSim, you can chat via WhatsApp anywhere in the world. It’s completely free and there are no limits to where you can use it. The goal of WhatSim was to “create a SIM card that lets you chat with all phones. A SIM that is regular, micro, and nano all in one”.

This affordable SIM won’t require you to search out for WiFi or pay for the expensive data roaming. Korea, Kuwait, Lao, Lithuania, Bahrain, Estonia, Fiji are just some of the countries you can use WhatSim. Check out the full list of countries you can use it!

What Will WhatSim Mean for  Telecommunication Companies?

Just a little thought… If WhatsApp is creating a SIM card to allow people to chat anywhere, send photos, videos, and voice messages free of charge. What are the chances of social media giants like Google or Skype to create something similar?  Is this going to pressure telecommunication companies to lower their roaming plans? Could this mean that WhatsApp and WhatSim will become your cellphone carrier in a couple of years? It's not beyond the realm of possibility.

Will you be grabbing one of these when you travel? Tell us what you think! Don't forget to share this with your friends who use WhatsApp!

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