Ways to Get Back Lost Users

Ways to Get Back Lost Users

Like, life is all about moving on, the same goes with the mobile app development process. There is countless numbers of apps available in the market, some of them are powerful, some are average and the rest are of no use. 

It is easy to go by number, like how many users have downloaded your app, but the number of downloaded apps does not alone decide the fate of the app. It also depends upon the number of users using the app currently. 

We cannot deny the fact that consumers are extremely picky and choosy while selecting the app. Messaging, content, personalize experiences are the crucial things that attract users attention. Anything less than it will make users prove they have better things to do.

Bringing back lost valuable is a big thing, but bringing back the lost app user is the calculative and statistical task.  Getting them back will make you realize that you are positioned as a valuable app asset to them even today.

Let’s dive a bit deeper to know the ways that will certainly work to bring back users again to your app.

Another Communication Channel

After turning off the push notifications by users, you need to search for some other methods or other strategies in order to communicate with them. 

Try using email or SMS marketing campaign to convince the users to turn on push notifications in order to get better deals and discounts in the app.

Your Target Audience

After deciding which way will work for you, you can simply go ahead with targeting the audience. Decide your target audience according to the usage pattern. 

Go behind the audience who are still using your app frequently. This remaining chunk of the audience can become beneficial for you and for your app also.

Do not try to waste a second and show them exactly what they are missing by not indulging themselves in your app.


Go with offering an easy and smooth onboard experience to the users. Too much of something will lead to a negative result, if you tend to offer too complicated and difficult beginning along with many steps and guidelines to sign, users will more likely to opt for some other app.

The first impression is the last impression, make sure you are making the first impression the best one. For cheering this situation, give intuitive and easy onboard experience

Focus on Design

It is a fact, the appearance is the first thing that catches the attention. Your app is the face of your brand, and using that face can bring in more customers to you.

There will always be someone thinking exactly like you to get a better result, hence figure out the strategies and methods which will make your idea stand out of the box. 

The process of building a mobile application and its designing should be done in such a way that it will look better to the user in order to bring back users to your app again.

Give them a Solid Reason

Straight trees are always cut first, no matter how nice you are, people will not come back to your app until and unless there is something extraordinary in your app to look for. 

Through your mind, you need to show people that your app will save their time and cost along with making their lives easier and better. 

Give them some value in order to get the same.

Touch of Personalizing

Users are also humans and they would love to see some sort of personalization in their application also. Prove them the same.

Personalize the way to send users notifications, messages, and alerts according to their needs. If possible, tailor the action to match each user’s settings and relative activities. 

Meanwhile, you can also add a touch of Artificial intelligence in your app in order to provide the best experience to the user.

Introduce New Features

As users are free to give feedback to the apps, make sure you are taking those feedback positively.

Add new features and points based on the feedback to mold them in the existing app. The method will help users to get a better experience than before.

What’s New

No matter, if we are going to buy a new product in the market or not, we usually go out to check the same. The same goes with a new feature added to the app.

Anything which is new in your app, be it features, its UI, etc, will definitely catch the user’s attention. Give a new shoutout to it, a brilliant hype and save your app to fail miserably once again.

Online Survey

Survey regarding users satisfaction about your app helps you in identifying the customer before they leave you permanently. 

Feedbacks are the best way to score your growth and success, they tell you where your product or app is failing and what can be done in order to satisfy the needs.

Update them

Email is one of the best ways among many to show users along with reminding them of your service. Show them your worth by hook or by crook.

For example, if your app is about managing the budget, show your worth by helping users in managing their family budget. Email them once in a week regarding the same along with the ways to improve their spending habits.

Let them remember you, your services along with an invitation to start using your app once again

Include Speed

There are millions of apps like yours available in the market. What is making you different and unique is your app idea, services, and interface,

It is obvious that we can get anything and everything in just a click be it booking a cab, a flight ticket, ordering a pizza, etc. The striking thing here is speed, which is the ultimate essence. 

Make sure you are also adding and including speed in your app in order to let users enjoy your service smoothly. The app cannot come up bug-free but it is essential and important to remain stick to its core feature.


Instead of complaining directly to the principal, it is always better for the first complaint to the teacher. Provide a smooth channel to the users and a single way to increase engagement.

There are many apps available in which it becomes impossible to get in touch with them. Hence, in the end, users pour their feedback directly to the app store review.

Your app is meant for your users, make sure you are offering them easy and smooth passage to sail. Send them an automated response showing them that you have received their request and will work to meet their expectations. 

Add Some Fun

The positive memories open the gateway that pushes people to indulge once again in their past experiences. Never forget, you have created the app for your users, give them the service according to their needs and requirements.

If possible, add chatbots to give them a pinch of fun and loads of information. Resolve their queries, solve their problems and offer them the best solutions to their problems. 

Always remember, sincere loyalty ensures the growth of the business for the long run.

Concluding Note

The end is not the end...until it’s the end. There is a saying, success comes to those who try.  You have created the app for the users only in order to get monetary advantages, better ROI, and acknowledgment in the market.

Hard earned money, time, hard work, sweat everything when together combined brings out the well-developed app, sometimes the situation does not support and sometimes strategies. All these strategies will drive better engagement of the users. 

Just remember and be cautious not to roll out all the methods or strategies at the same time. The most common step behind these steps is the correct promoting technique. Learn the right promoting strategies and charm again.

Map and plan your next move in order to rise again from the dead ashes.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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