12 Easy Mobile Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

12 Easy Mobile Marketing Tools

The trick to creating growth in any business is to simply create a larger audience, increase your sales, and make adjustments so that your revenues also rise accordingly.

On second thought, maybe that isn’t so simple. This is especially true when it comes to mobile marketing. This requires knowing your customer,  understanding who to target with your marketing efforts and how to do so, and continually measuring progress and adjusting after failures. Fortunately, there are some great tools out there that will help you to grow your business. Here are 12 of those that are available to you right now.


1. Flurry

Flurry Logo

This is a platform that acts almost like a consultant for each of your mobile marketing campaigns. You can use it to help you customize your campaigns to help ensure that your end goals are met each time. Flurry works to help optimize mobile experience of customers through better apps and personal ads.

Flurry is a great tool for businesses looking to get started on their mobile campaign and reach consumers on their smartphones and tablets.


2. SlickText

Slick Text

This tool provides one of the easiest ways to create an SMS marketing list and to send out texts to your consumers or subscribers.

You simply reserve a keyword, and have interested users text that keyword to 31996. Everybody who does that is automatically added to your list. After that, any time you want to compose or send a text to your list, you simply log in, compose your message, and send it.

3. AppNext

Appnext POSlogo Black

You can use this tool to monetize your mobile efforts even further by promoting the mobile apps that are most relevant to your users. Essentially, you identify and recommend the apps to your users, and you receive payment with each download. Sometimes, these quick and easy ways of creating a bit more revenue are just what are needed when it is time to create growth.

4. Kiip


Use Kiip to build customer loyalty and create business growth by creating the perfect rewards program for your audience.

For example, if you are a fitness brand, you could reward consumers with a downloadable copy of an intensive fitness video after they have logged 40 hours of exercise on your website. The app refers to this as finding moments that you can celebrate with your users.

5. RevMob


If you have apps or mobile websites, you can use RevMob to put the right advertising on those websites. If you are an advertiser, RevMob will help you to target the right consumers for your mobile marketing campaigns. They also offer many creative advertising options including banner ads, video, and rich media. This solution is also mobile platform agnostic, meaning that it is friendly for Amazon, Android, and iPhone users.

6. DeCarta


Local is more important than ever. In fact, it is so important that Uber has recently acquired DeCarta. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

This tool gives you the ability to provide your users with local search capabilities, and the ability to determine what places of interest are near them.

7. PlaceIQ


Imagine how helpful it would be to understand the behaviors, interests, habits, and experiences of people within a given locale. This is what PlaceIQ does for you. It provides you with insights, based upon collected data that you can then use to customize your mobile marketing efforts based upon the location that you are targeting. The more location-based intelligence that you have, the more focused and more effective your mobile efforts are going to be.

8. TXT180

Txt180 Reveiwlogo

This is a very simple, inexpensive, but extraordinarily workable SMS texting solution. If you are interested in auto response, sending out scheduled messages, using text in contests to create rewards programs, or for creating text for more info campaigns, this might be a great solution for your enterprise.

9. AppoDeal

Programmatic Mediation

Imagine if you only had to focus on development and marketing and that the monetization side was taken care of for you. If you make use of AppoDeal, this is exactly what happens. It works by tracking user interest and behavior, and then finding the best and most lucrative advertisements to display on your behalf.

10. WebTrends

Webtrends Logo1

This is a no brainer. Simply learn how consumers are interacting with your brand across a variety of channels. Then, you can use the insights provided to you to sharpen your mobile marketing efforts. Even if you are using Google Analytics or another similar package, you should consider the additional valuable insights that you will receive.

11. ShopPad


This creates a simple, but elegant mobile platform that your visitors can use while shopping on your mobile site. It has a simple interface and a sleek design that will help to ensure that your customers stay engaged as long as you need them to.

12. MoPub


MoPub gives you the ability to manage your mobile advertising campaigns. Its features include budgeting, analysis, and even reporting that you can use to ensure that your campaigns run smoothly and that you can learn from any gaps that occur.


Each of these tools is great for any mobile marketer. You can use them to build marketing email lists, manage your campaigns, embrace localization, and to refine your interaction between one another.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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