The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing

In Part 1 of my blog titled Why Companies Need To Start Thinking Of Micro-Moments, I reviewed the importance of why companies need to be present in moments that matter to users.

In Part 2 of my blog, The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing, I will provide a step-by-step guide that your company can use for their mobile marketing strategy.

Let’s begin by recapping the four moments that Google has identified as moments that matter to users:

  • I-want-to-know moments
  • I-want-to-go moments
  • I-want-to-do moments
  • I want-to-buy moments

How your company can be present in the I-want-to-know moments:

Users are turning to their mobile phones to answer questions that they have.  In fact, did you know that 69% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps help them easily find answers to their questions?

In order for your company to be present in this moment, you must create a strong content strategy.

Step 1 - Review your website content.

Your website content should be able to answer any question that a user might have when they are looking for specific information on a product or service.  Make sure that the content on your website answers their questions by being strong, detailed, and organised in a manner that’s easy for the user to read.

Step 2 - Review your blogging strategy.

When someone has a question, they will turn to their mobile devices and ask their question through Google’s search engine.  Make sure that you are creating blogs that answer the user's question.  When you do, your company's blog will have the ability to show up in Google’s search results, making your company and blog present when the user is in the midst of an I-want-to-know moment.

How your company can be present in the I-want-to-go moments:

When a user is on-the-go, they will turn to their mobile devices to find where your company is located.  In 2016, 71% of users say they’ve used a store locator to find a shop location.

This means that your business address must be present and accurate online.

Step 1 - Create a Google Local Listing

With Google My Business, you can create your free business listing on Google where you can add your business hours, phone number and directions on Google Search and Maps.  Make sure to add as much relevant information as possible to make it easy for a user to find you.

Step 2:  Make sure your business information is accurate

It’s important that when a user types your business name on Google, that the information is accurate.  There’s nothing worse than typing in a business name and finding out that the address is incorrect, or that the store hours are wrong.

This isn’t only important for your Google Local listing, but for all of your directory listings online.  Take time to review Yellow Pages, Yelp, and other directories to ensure that your NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent throughout the web.

How your company can be present in the I-want-to-do moments:

In Part 1 of my blog, I asked the following questions:

Is your site responsive?

Does your site load like lightning?

Is it easy to complete a transaction if a user is on-the-go?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the question above, here’s what you can do.

Step 1 - Make sure your site is responsive

This means that your site must be mobile friendly.  Whether that means creating a new responsive website, or converting your current website into a responsive design, you must have a mobile-friendly website, period.  If you do not, your company is making it difficult for users to easily navigate through your website and find the information that they’re looking for when they are on their mobile devices.  This will lead to increased bounce rates, and lower conversion rates on your website.

Step 2 - Make sure your site loads like lightning

Your website load speed is a ranking factor, according to Google.  A slow-loading website creates a bad user experience (UX), both on desktop and mobile devices.  Google has provided a free tool called page speed insights, where you can analyze your website’s load speed.  If your website has a load speed lower than 80/100 on either desktop and mobile, it’s time to contact your internet marketing company for some site speed optimizations!

Step 3 - Make sure your site makes it easy to complete a transaction if a user is on-the-go

Making sure that your website is responsive and that it loads like lighting are very important steps to complete in order to make it easy for users to complete a transaction when they’re on the go.  It’s also important to look at the UX of your website.

How your company can be present in the I-want-to-buy moments:

Step 1 - Be present in moments that matter

This one’s easy.  In order to make the most of users I-want-to-buy moments, make sure that you’re present in the the I-want-to-know moments, the I-want-to-go moments and the I-want-to-do moments.  This will empower online purchases and make your company more visible online.

Step 2 - Create a Google Adwords Campaign

Another online marketing strategy to consider is a strong Google Adwords campaign.  If a user is looking to make a purchase when they are on-the-go, they will turn to Google to search for the product or service that they are interested in.  To ensure that your company’s products and services are present in this moment, you can create ads through Google Merchant Centre or create Google Text ads with extensions that are now available such as image extensions or promotional extensions.


I hope this guide to mobile marketing helps you to develop a strong strategy for driving more conversions among mobile users. If you have any other suggestions to add, we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Nice way of looking at it in ‘want-to-moment’!
    The importance to target mobile is increasing rapidly. I guess in the near future we will only focus our efforts on mobile

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