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Why Online PR is great for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing May 19th, 2012


It is often daunting for small businesses to compete with large and established corporations in the same industries. However, with online PR you can establish your presence in the industry just as much as those big companies. Online PR is providing the opportunity for thousands of small-scale businesses to be leaders within the industry they specialise in.

Online PR to the rescue

Online PR is great for small businesses because it is much easier to implement than in large companies where communication networks are much more complex. Smaller businesses can act faster, be more flexible, and success can be accomplished faster if you know how to use your resources wisely.

Online PR is the least costly method available for marketing a small business. Business owners who are new to online PR are often under the impression that it is expensive, only works for large companies, they can’t do it, there is no way of knowing whether or not it is working, there is no one to help them.

Online and traditional PR overlap

Although the online PR world is different to traditional PR, don’t let that scare you away from experimenting with new ways of marketing your business. The basics of PR still remain the same – a clear vision, eloquent writing, engaging stories, targeted audiences, and core objectives. As long as you can write about things that will capture the attention of your customers, and form networks with other professionals, you’re in for online PR success.

Don’t let the size of your business set you back, if anything it should be a reason for success. In the online world, you can react and respond much faster than larger businesses, as there are less people that have a say in the decision-making process. You can respond to the needs and concerns of customers faster and provide a more personal form of feedback.

Online PR options

Online marketing techniques such as social media, search engine optimisation, and content distribution devices are the same whether you are part of a small or large business. As smaller businesses have the opportunity to be more flexible, they can also be more creative than the big shots, which immediately puts you at forefront of the game. When it comes to online marketing, it is all about finding fresh, creative and contemporary ways of asserting your business. Luckily, you have an endless amount of online tools and tactics to do that.

You also have an endless amount of options for measuring the success of your business, such as through checking your ranking on search engines, selling more product items, increasing the amount of times you are mentioned by social networkers, or receiving more organic traffic.

Online PR can help you sell more products or services not only in your physical store, but also online. Chances are last time you made a purchase you used a search engine to do some online research. Publishing an article online, or broadcasting an interesting video clip at various web outlets can provide your business with great feedback and increase the amount of inbound links to your website.

Online PR opportunities are constantly changing and improving, so keeping a steady public relations program that you can adjust when necessary is vital for marketing and advertising online. Online presence also allows your business to come across as larger and more recognised than it may yet be, and this will help you with attracting more customers and securing partnerships. And remember, when it comes to PR just because you have a small business does not mean you are at a disadvantage!

Post By Ivelina Dineva (1 Posts)

Ivelina Dineva writes on behalf of a specialist PR company in South Africa that also offers online branding and marketing services.


Ivelina Dineva writes on behalf of a specialist PR company in South Africa that also offers online branding and marketing services.
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Why Online PR is great for Small Businesses

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