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Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers of 2011

Internet Marketing December 8th, 2011


When 2011 began, we fought to get our clients listed with Google Places. This was just the start of a very busy year for the Internet marketing industry. As 2011 comes to a close, we reflect on how our roles have changed in the fast-paced nature of the Internet. We wanted to take the time to summarize the top 10 game changers of this past year. These trends are sure to continue in 2012 and with that we present:

The Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers of 2011

1. Social Search

Social Media used to be all about maintaining friendships but now these connections can change the way your browser views search results. If you’re signed into your Google account, Social Search has the ability to gather relevant data based on the reviews, blogs, images and more about what you and your mutual friends are viewing and discussing.

2. Google +1 Button and the Google+ Network

The Google +1 feature allows users to tell searchers which web pages they like, and needless to say, using this feature can give your website a boost in search rankings.


3. Google Panda / Freshness Algorithm Update

The Google Panda and Freshness update means that websites with original recent and relevant content will be given a priority in the Google search engine.


4. Facebook Likes in Bing Search Results

Bing knows that search engine users trust their friends and family, and are now offering personalized search results, based on which websites their friends have “liked” on Facebook.


5. Interactive Social Advertising

The ads are “interactive” because they involve a mutual action taking place between the promoter and the customer. This includes ads that are designed as polls, Flash presentations, surveys or any advertisement that will get your target market engaged.


6. Remarketing

Remarketing displays ads to people that have already visited your website. It allows businesses to communicate with potential customers in a powerful new way, matching the right market with the right message.


7. Mobile and Apps Skyrocketing

Consumers are using their mobile devices for everything from shopping to banking, and most companies are considering releasing a mobile site, if they haven’t already.


8. Ad Extensions on Pay Per Click

This new PPC feature works toward a stronger connection between PPC ads and the visitor by sending consumers to specific landing pages, allowing the lead to call the business directly with a single click, and enabling contact forms right from the PPC ad.


9. HTML 5

With HTML 5, (Hyper Text Markup Language) site designers will have more flexibility to create interactive websites and powerful and efficient applications including: managing data, drawing, video and audio and providing websites that deliver what users want better and faster. It has already allowed developers to create cross-browser, web-based applications for portable devices.

10. Video Marketing

2011 saw a huge leap in the number of businesses that are supplementing their advertising strategy with video marketing. This advertising method has the ability to accurately demonstrate how a product works, and provides an “on-demand” quality that appeals to many customers, more than a wall of text.

2011 has proven to be a huge year for Internet development and by staying on the leading-edge of trends; your business has the advantage in this fast-paced digital marketplace.

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Game Changers of 2011

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