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This Week In Internet Marketing 2015 01 13

Internet Marketing January 13th, 2015


Mobile Marketing Trends 2015

We’re almost two weeks into the New Year, and there’s already a lot of new information to learn regarding new trends in internet marketing! Jump into this week with an increased knowledge of some exciting marketing news by reading these articles from the best in the business.

We’re taking a look at up and coming mobile marketing trends, Google’s every changing search algorithm, tips on how to build a solid content marketing strategy and SEO campaign, and how IFTTT recipes can improve your online presence.

5 Key Mobile Marketing Trends For 2015

Mobile Marketing Trends 2015

With Mobile marketing taking a big leap and the emergence of several new mobile technologies in 2014, the New Year will focus on areas of security, infrastructure, and overall blocking and tackling. Get a head start of your competition by reading up on these five mobile marketing trends for 2015!

How Google’s Frequent Algorithm Updates Affect Paid Search

Google Algorithm

It’s important to become aware of Google’s overall strategy in order to thrive in SEM efforts. This article will give you an inside scoop of exactly how the constant and continuous changes Google introduces to its search algorithm affects paid search efforts. More importantly, it discusses how you can stay ahead of the algorithm curve and use the information to improve your business!

How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

According to research, 70% of surveyed marketers are creating more content for 2015 than they did a year ago. Why? Because no matter how much Google has changed their algorithms in the past, useful and helpful content is always something they’re looking for more of. This article provides a few basic steps in having a solid and smart content marketing plan in order to launch your business to soaring heights in the New Year.

How to Have a Successful Local SEO Campaign in 2015

 SEO Campaign

The more effort you put into an SEO campaign, the more you will reap the benefits from the results. SEO is a slow burn and it’s easy to get disheartened when you see a lack of immediate progress, but it’s something that all Internet marketers have to be active in, in order to guarantee a successful online presence. This article guides you through a step by step process on how to build a successful SEO campaign.

10 IFTTT Recipes to Make You a Better Marketer


If This Then That (IFTTT) provides you with the perfect recipe to help improve your marketing skills. Essentially you choose a trigger and an action when that trigger occurs. How can this help you become a better marketer? Read the article to discover 10 recipes of If this trigger happens then that action which will improve your business online!

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2015 01 13

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