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This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 02 10

Internet Marketing February 10th, 2015


Happy Tuesday! This Week in Internet Marketing we’re looking into how effective the use of hashtags are for your brand, some out of the ordinary visual content marketing tips, and everything you need to know about online reviews.  We’ll also look at the importance of SEO and social media for your business and whether there is a difference in their impact. Lastly, we will look at an 8 step process to create compelling content your readers will love.

How Hashtags Work on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr


If you’re familiar with hashtags, you know that it is often used in social media platforms. With the use of a little #, it organizes all the social media updates based on the specific keyword. However, the effectiveness of each hashtag can differ based on each platform. Check out this article to see how can you optimize the use of hashtags for your brand.

11 Unusual Visual Content Marketing Tips to Drive a Ton of Traffic



You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but it should be emphasized that “a GOOD picture is worth a thousand words”. When driving traffic to your website, great content isn’t enough. You want to have impacftul images that will draw attention to your website and encourage your audience to stay. Take a look at this article for some interesting visual content marketing tips to drive traffic to your website.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]



Did you know that 84% of all consumers read online reviews? As much as consumers are influenced by reviews, so are the businesses themselves. This might get you to ask for more online reviews for your business, but it’s important to understand how it influences your business. Check out this infographic to learn everything about online reviews!

Social Media or SEO: Which Is More Important to Your Business?

When doing marketing for your business, you’re always wondering if you should do SEO or social media and which one is better. You might think that having SEO is sufficient enough to boost your business or vice versa. However, you shouldn’t choose one or the other. Check out this article to see why they’re both co-existing to better your business.

8 Moves To Creating Content Your Market Will Find & Love

The Strategy Of Chess

In today’s world of marketing, having social media isn’t enough. To capture, engage, and retain your audience, it’s important to create compelling content that can help or educate them. However, we might find difficulty in achieving that. Check out this article to help you achieve great content that your audience will love.

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Post By Cherry Kwan (83 Posts)

Cherry is a video-game enthusiast with a passion in social media, content marketing, and all things digital.

Website: → TechWyse Internet Marketing


Cherry is a video-game enthusiast with a passion in social media, content marketing, and all things digital.
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This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 02 10

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