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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 05 06

Internet Marketing May 6th, 2014



Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! If you’re actively advertising with Google AdWords, then you’ve probably heard me mention Yahoo! / Bing Even though they are much smaller audiences, they are still a market worth tapping into. Let’s talk about advertising on Yahoo! / Bing in our next review meeting!

Grab your tea or coffee and settle in, we have some very interesting articles for you this week including: Adcade Launches Its Platform For Advertising Across Multiple Devices; Google Accused Of Stealing Money From AdSense Publishers; The Panda Patent: Brand Mentions Are the Future of Link Building; F8: Facebook Audience Network Officially Introduced; and Google+ Now Required For Google Partners Sign-Up.

Adcade Launches Its Platform For Advertising Across Multiple Devices

This new technology has been designed to deliver ads on any device using a proprietary ad-building platform and a coding language built specifically for digital advertising. The company hopes it will become the new standardized language for designers and if offering companies an all-in-one tool which will be familiar to flash users and adaptable to new technologies.

Google Accused Of Stealing Money From AdSense Publishers

In a stunning “leak” this week on Pastebin, someone claiming to be a former Google employee is accusing the company of stealing money from AdSense Publishers. Google has, of course, denied the accusations but it may be difficult for them to prove their innocence.

The Panda Patent: Brand Mentions Are the Future of Link Building

There has long been speculation over how exactly Google measures brand authority and a new patent filed may provide a key to understanding the process. The patent provides information about measuring site authority and relevance using a ratio of links and implied links.

F8: Facebook Audience Network Officially Introduced

The long-rumoured mobile ad network from Facebook is now a reality after being launched this Wednesday at their F8 global developer conference in San Francisco. Currently in beta, they are accepting applications from develops who would like to be included. It will feature the same ad-targeting and measurement tools available to traditional Facebook advertisers and is available on all interfaces.

Google+ Now Required For Google Partners Sign-Up

The future of Google+ has come into question since Vin Gundotra announced he was leaving the company. Reports since have suggested that Google may begin winding down the product aspect of Google+ and more focus more on using it as a platform for other products. Google has denied this and a new promo video for Google Partners shows that a Google+ company page will be required for sign-up.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 05 06

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