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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 07 02

Internet Marketing July 2nd, 2013



Welcome back,

For those of you who were celebrating Canada Day yesterday, I hope it was fantastic! In case you were having too much fun to catch your Internet marketing news, here’s a few articles to get you up to speed: Facebook news feed ads generate 49X More Clicks at 45% Less Cost; Google Waze Buy Faces Antitrust Review; Behind the Top Mobile Ad Publishers: Facebook, Google, Pandora and Twitter; and Happy Second Birthday Google+.

Facebook news feed ads generate 49X More Clicks at 45% Less Cost

Have you been contemplating advertising on Facebook? If so, stop the procrastination and check out this study. Social media has always been second to search for advertisers; however, with Facebook’s News Feed ads delivering awesome metrics, the online advertising game may change.

Google Waze Buy Faces Antitrust Review

Google’s recent $1.1 billion purchase of Waze, a mapping firm, is raising questions with the U.S Federal Trade Commission. Apparently, Google never filed a review before the buyout. The FTC will be conducting a review to ensure this deal won’t hinder the firms competitors. Google bought out Waze to strengthen its map dominance and keep it out of the hand of competitors.

Behind the Top Mobile Ad Publishers: Facebook, Google, Pandora and Twitter

One of the hottest topics of 2013 surrounds mobile, most importantly mobile advertising. So far this year, mobile advertising on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has skyrocketed and become one of the most favourable ways for brands to reach its target audiences.

Happy Second Birthday Google+

The youngest of the most popular social networks turns two years old. It maybe less used than Facebook and Twitter at the moment; nonetheless, its platform is attracting more users everyday. It might be the most important social network for businesses to be showcase its brand, since social signal has proven to provide SEO value.


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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 07 02

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