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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 06

Internet Marketing November 6th, 2012


5 Awesome Features of Google Webmaster Tools

Welcome to the wonderful month of moustaches: Movember! Since we’re 6 days into this hairy month, here are 6 Internet marketing articles to tickle your fancy: 5 Awesome Features of Google Webmaster Tools; How to Update Your Keyword Research Process for 2013 & Beyond; 23 Hints For Creating Content That Google Loves (Infographic); How Search Impacts Holiday Shopping; Eight Ways Not to Build Backlinks; and The Movember Moustache Manifesto (Infographic).

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 06

5 Awesome Features of Google Webmaster Tools

There’s tons of free webmaster tools out there to help you optimize your website to its full potential. However, knowing and understanding which tools to use is the tricky part. Here are 5 awesome tools with detailed descriptions of their functions.

How to Update Your Keyword Research Process for 2013 & Beyond

SEO is an ever-changing field, meaning companies must update their online strategies constantly to stay current and visible to their target audience. One of the many SEO component that remains essential for an effective campaign is keyword research. Here is a process to consider when conducting your keyword research.

23 Hints For Creating Content That Google Loves (Infographic)

Ever wonder what Google considers quality content? What counts as a high-quality site? The key to pleasing Google is by providing a great users experience to your visitors and creating unique, intriguing content. Check out these 23 helpful tips and start pleasing search engines and most importantly your audience.

How Search Impacts Holiday Shopping

Studies show that eighty per cent of shoppers will research products online before deciding what to buy. With the holidays creeping up quickly it’s important optimize your website to capture more customers. If you didn’t launch an SEO campaign in time for the holidays, don’t worry here are a few other ways to get searchers to click on your page.

Eight Ways Not to Build Backlinks

It’s important to know what backlink tactics will help improve a website’s SEO; nonetheless, it’s equally as important to understand which backlink tactics that can harm a site’s status. Take a look at these 8 types of backlinks to avoid.

The Movember Moustache Manifesto (Infographic)

If you are unaware of the term Movember, you might be wondering why so many men are wearing sweater vests on their upper lips. Since its debut in 2004, November as become the month for men to grow moustaches to raise awareness and money for men’s health. Be brave this month and don’t shave. Check out this moustache style guide.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 06

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