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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 06 05

Internet Marketing June 5th, 2012


Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Centre of Gravity for Local Search

You’ve come to the right place to learn about the changes to Google Places. Here are some highlights of what has been going on this past week. Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Centre of Gravity For Local Search; SEO Isn’t Magic – So Stop Doing SEO Tricks; 8 Ways to Promote Your website For More  Targeted Traffic; Comment Marketing as an Inbound Tactic; and Facebook Promoted Posted: A Step-By-Step Guide.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 06 05

Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Centre of Gravity for Local Search

Google+ Pages has carried out the action that many people have been anticipating, the inevitable alliance of Google Places and Google+ Pages. Now formally known as Google+ Local, it’s targeted to enhance the consumer experience while creating a more social platform for users to share experiences. The changes bring significant advantages integrating social for local and franchise businesses.

SEO Isn’t Magic – So Stop Doing SEO Tricks

In order to successfully reap the benefits of long-term gain in SEO, no shortcuts, magic tricks or quick fixes should be expected to produce results that match the fruits of hard work. SEO is hard and it’s crucial to practice strategies that never stop working. Shortcuts in SEO leads to short-term gain; therefore, the initial start up is decremental to enduring success.

8 Ways to Promote Your Website For More Targeted Traffic

Having a great website and writing amazing content is the first step to maximizing SEO; nonetheless, promoting your website through off-site optimization will reach more targeted traffic to your brand. The more quality links pointing back to you and deriving from your site, the easier it is to promote your product or service effectively. Find which tactic is best suited for your company.

Comment Marketing as an Inbound Tactic

Check out another great Whiteboard Friday video from SEOmoz! White hat comment marketing has been greatly overlooked as a tactic to increase your online presence through spreading your brand across the Internet; gaining the affection of powerful influencers; and building strong relationships that create long-lasting return.

Facebook Promoted Posts: A Step-By-Step Guide

Only 16% of fans see a Brand Page’s content. Facebook’s newest feature, Promoted Posts for Brand Pages, could be a game changer for business page dominance over competitors. A brand can now pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for their post to be displayed more predominantly (through the newsfeed); therefore, more people who like their page will see their posts.

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