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This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 08

Internet Marketing August 8th, 2011



Even though we’re in the dead of summer, the constant flow of internet marketing news never lets up. Last week brought us insights about how search query volume can affect your rankings; analysing the quality of your site visitors with Google Analytics; the decline of SPAM; common mistakes for QR code campaigns; and Neilson’s new system for measuring advertising on social media.

Internet Marketing News 2011 08 08

Does Keyword Search Volume Affect Your Rankings?

Yet another highly detailed article From SEOmoz, this time suggesting that high search query volumes can actually boost your rankings. Google suggestions are influenced by popular searches, so the more longtail keyword searches that are performed, the more that the keyword will be auto-suggested and thus the more hits it will get. Interesting stuff, read the article for more insights.

Quality Site Visitors Trumps Quantity

This article from the National Post contains five questions you should be asking about your website visitors. It also describes how Google Analytics can help you answer questions like are your site visitors new or repeating customers? How are people finding you? What’s the return from social media? Do people click beyond the homepage? And are your product pages being seen? The article is a good intro for those who haven’t used Google Analytics extensively.

Is SPAM on the Decline?

The short answer is yes, if we’re talking email spam. Those same spammers have taken their message to blogs, fake product reviews, Twitter and Facebook. When a battle is won, another begins; that’s the way of black vs. white hat on the internet. Spam will never go away, but Google’s Matt Cutts and team have waged a war on spam to make sure it doesn’t appear in your search results.

Top 5 Mistakes in QR Code Campaigns

QR (quick response) codes are pretty hot right now; you know those little black and white squares that look like a crossword puzzle. Many marketers use QR codes to connect people with their mobile sites. Mashable has put together 5 mistakes to avoid when launching your QR code marketing campaign – valuable tips within.

Neilson Develops Rating System for Facebook

The Neilson Corporation famous for it’s television rating system has branched into the social media space. Their new rating system will “emphasize ‘gross ratings points’ that multiplies the reach of an ad by the frequency that the audience sees it.” Neilson’s system will measure how many times an ad is seen, this brings a television-like measurement system to online ads that may not necessarily apply on the internet where clicks matter more than views.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 08

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