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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 09 20

Internet Marketing September 20th, 2010



Here we are half way through September.  Winter is on the way and more importantly NHL Hockey starts tomorrow!  For those of us who’ve spent the last week working, on vacations or watching football, here is what you missed in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing News 2010 09 20

YouTube Homepage:  The Place To Be

YouTube Homepage:  The Place To BeIt’s a little known fact that a few days each quarter, YouTube opens up the homepage the Promoted Video advertisers.  With nearly 45 million impressions per day, this is a huge way for businesses to promote their videos.  In this post, Google breaks this whole process down and gives us some insight into the benefits of a homepage feature.

Why Small Businesses Should Care About Mobile Payments

Why Small Businesses Should Care About Mobile PaymentsMobile payments are coming and they’re coming fast!  Since we already use our phones for everything else, paying with your mobile only makes sense.  This post talks all about the upcoming technology and why you, as a small business owner, need to take notice.

5 Important New Trends In Location

5 Important New Trends In LocationWith the advent of Facebook places, check-ins and location tagging are going to continue to be a big thing in the online world.  Mashable gives us 5 of the top new trends in this quickly growing mobile location market.

Next Level Optimization For Search

Next Level Optimization For SearchBack in the early days, you used to be able to throw a whole ton of keywords at the top of your page and generate a strong search engine ranking.  Well those days are gone.  The search engines are bigger and smarter than ever.  David Roth gives us his list of key elements to consider when taking your SEO to the next level.

More Internet Marketing News

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 09 20

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