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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 06 14

Internet Marketing June 14th, 2010



Wow what a week!  The TechWyse staff spent time presenting and learning at Search Engine Strategies while Google was working on big plans of their own!  So, without too much adieu, let’s get right into it.

This Week In Internet Marketing

Google Caffeine Comes Out To Play

Google Caffeine Is Comes Out To PlayIt’s official, Google has rolled out Caffeine, their new search indexing system.  Caffeine was built to give visitors 50% fresher results and is the largest collection of content they’ve ever offered.  The new system has been built to update itself faster and more frequently to ensure that your search results are not only relevant, but timely as well.  Be sure to read the official blog post for even more juicy information.  This is big, very big!

How To Be A Super SEO

How To Be A Super SEOYahoo! made some fantastic points in their SEO post last week.  I particularly like the focus on quality of visitors rather than quantity.  It’s great to have a million visitors each month but if they aren’t converting then it’s not worth much to you.  They also touched on the power of real-time search and social media.  This is becoming much more powerful these days, particularly now that Caffeine is out.

How CEO’s Are Using Social Media For Real Results

How CEO’s Are Using Social Media For Real ResultsWhen I saw the headline I hoped to find a long article filled with tons of information on harnessing the power of social media.  I wasn't disappointed!  This is a must read and I hope that you’ll do what I did and read it over twice just to make sure you didn’t miss anything!  There is so much content here that it is difficult to sum it all up in one little paragraph so I’ll keep this one right to the point.  Read it, enjoy it, use it.

How To Engage Visitors In Your eCommerce Website

How To Engage Visitors In Your eCommerce WebsiteSmashing Magazine put of a great post about customer involvement and eCommerce websites.  The focus here is primarily on customer rating and reviews (good and bad) and the point is a good one.  Having customer review systems not only makes the website more interactive, but it adds a strong element of credibility to the buying process.  A good read here folks!

More Internet Marketing News

Here is a look at a few other good bits of reading this week.

Google Music Store Could Launch This Summer

Twitter Launches “Places” Feature With Foursquare

Twitter Testing Newsfeed Feature

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 06 14

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