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TechWyse Internet Marketing Headquarters Official Tour (HD)

Internet Marketing December 8th, 2010


We seem to post pictures all the time of our office and team on our Facebook page.  But we thought we would take the time now to share with you some video that will help you see not only our work environment but also how we work. 

The TechWyse team has 2 locations.  TechWyse CEO DJ Kennedy recently took us all for a tour of the office.  From what I have heard we are scheduling our new marketing studio for first quarter of next year.  This however, should give you a better idea of our work environment. 

We also shot a video about a year ago where we explain what makes us different in the industry.  In this you get to meet some of the members of our team! Jon Dyer might have a few more grey hairs these days but otherwise it is pretty accurate. ๐Ÿ™‚

We also have added quite a few video blogs to our 'Rise To The Top' series of late.  If you are interested in continuing the education, make sure to subscribe to the series!

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TechWyse Internet Marketing

TechWyse Internet Marketing Headquarters Official Tour (HD)

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