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Search Engine Market Share September 2009

Internet Marketing October 2nd, 2009



4 Search Engines Now Account for 97.74% of all Searches

If you are concerned about which search engines you need to target in your Internet marketing efforts we all know that Google is first and foremost.  In September's Search Engine Market Share article, we see that 4 search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu) now account for all but 2.26% of searches done online today.  This is a new record high and is further proof of the less relevance search engines like AOL and ASK have in today's search market.

Search Engine Market Share For September 2009

Search Engine Market Share September 2009

Market Share Drop For Google, Yahoo! and Bing in September is Irrelevant

This month the big 3 Search Engines lost some market share to Baidu.  This is an irrelevant drop to most English speaking companies as Baidu is a search engine based primarily in China.

Most notable for this month is the fact that both Yahoo! and Bing continue to lose ground in terms of overall market share.  It was thought that by the end of the first quarter of Bing's release that it would be well above Yahoo!.  As we see by these statistics, despite the continual drop of Yahoo!, Bing is failing to make up any ground.

Microsoft cannot be happy about this.  They have been investing heavily in online and television advertising for their highly touted 'decision engine'.  The result is a moderate 3.39% of online market share.

Bing did launch Visual Search in September and are reported to be close to launching Bing 2.0.  The continued commitment from Microsoft is nice to see!

Market Share Summary – September 2009 

#1 Google – 83.13% of market share in September 2009. Down from 83.33% in August 2009 and up from 80.32% in September 2008.

#2 Yahoo! – 6.84% of market share in September 2009. Down from 7.28% in August 2009 and down from 9.04% in September 2008.

#3 Bing  – 3.39% of market share in September 2009. Down from 3.52% in August 2009 and up from 2.96% since its original release in June 2009.

Stat Source: Hitslink

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Search Engine Market Share September 2009

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