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Search Engine Market Share for December 2011

Internet Marketing January 23rd, 2012



Google Takes a Nose Dive and Drops Over 5.5%

Google’s gradual ascent over the past 6 months was dealt a severe blow in December 2011 falling to 78.7% of desktop search engine market share. Yahoo! and Bing remained relatively steady staying nearly within a half percentage point of their last month’s total. Chinese search engine Baidu was the biggest winner accounting for 10.46% of overall search share according to Net Market Share.


Google Drops Nearly 6% Since Last Year

Remaining steady in the mid-to-low 80% market leader Google dipped to its lowest share of the year at 78.70%. This coincides with their decline in China.

Bing and Yahoo! Dip Slightly

Yahoo! lost just over a half percent Bing dropped just under a half percent. These are still significant portions of their user base considering the two held just 9.02% market share collectively last month.

Baidu Takes a Big Bite Out of China

Chinese search engine Baidu made significant gains climbing to a whopping 10.46% market share from only 4.41% one month prior. It’s speculated that their gains were Google’s losses.

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Search Engine Market Share for December 2011

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