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Notes from SES Toronto 2010: Day 1

Internet Marketing June 10th, 2010



Notes from SES Toronto: Day 1We're here at Search Engine Strategies Toronto taking lots of notes!  Here are some of those notes for you to check out!

Peter Morville's Keynote Address:

How do we help people find the unknown unknowns?  It’s all about bringing in results that no one expected to see, but is happy to engage in.

It’s not just what we search that is changing, but HOW we search.  Searching by text, by sound and sight are evolving….what’s next?  Taste?  Smell?

  • Physical and digital experiences are forging ahead more every day
  • Search is still in its crude infancy.  Our age is the spark of something bigger to come.
  • Internet Marketing is blurring the lines between products and services.
  • Devices and services are now going cross channel, whereby one device or service controls or operates others.  Ex: Nike Shoes with sensors which send information to your iPod and online ordering with in-store pickup.  (Cross Media Integration)  In this example, the digital feeds the physical.
  • Experience Maps.  How do we focus more on the experience rather than just thinking about services, benefits and products?
  • Search is the starting point and the medium in which we can improve the user experience.  If we can improve how visitors are finding the information, we can measure the results and improve the information based on our findings.
  • We shouldn’t be using just methods and deliverables to make things better.  We should be thinking about radically different, NEW solutions and experiences

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Notes from SES Toronto 2010: Day 1

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