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Notes from SES Toronto 2010: Day 2

Internet Marketing June 11th, 2010



Notes from SES Toronto 2010: Day 2We are back at SES today – seems like the crowds are a little smaller but if it's anything like yesterday it will be a zoo in here by 2pm!

Sitting in on Twitter Nation:

Trace Falke

Twitter Bots – Since they remove the RT properties, what does this mean for the original poster  – falsely using other people’s content as original

Social automation is going increase dramatically over the next 5 years

Make sure you are posting useful and valuable information for your followers – don't be the loud drunk guy in the bar

 Paul Madden

Anyone can code a bot – not everyone can code a person

Don't make a fake personal account to promote the brand

The follow un-follow game still works

Follow un-follow tool needs to be semi intelligent so you don't follow people that are posting negatively

Be mindful that there are throttle point 2000 follows

Bots should have a full profile with an image and a style sheet

post general tweets

1 link per 10 tweets

all links should not be for the brand

use hash tags when ever possible


Reply and RT followers

Padding Tweets – about a month in advance… reuse others general posts

Match your audience

don't risk the main brand account

Twitter can't enforce – yet

www.automatingtwitter.com – tools 

Tami Dailey, Meaningful SEM Metrics

Make sure you aren't only tracking CTR, ROAS will change the story

Who gets the credit – what about the attribution mode

pull campaigns on both last touch attribution, first touch attribution, average the sales, calculate CPA

Deep Dive analytics – don't judge a book by it's cover

somewhere between first base and home plate he meet a surprise…. classic.

Richard Zwicky, Founder & CEO, Enquisite

Every day millions of people are telling you want they want, but you are not listening

Not every KPI is a metric and not every Metic is  KPI

Key Metics  – what matters to te online marketer

Share of Voice in this case is't  % of available traffic

How do you invest in more then one channel without knowing how they effect eachother

Undersanting the cross channel Mix and atrubution over time

Predictive analysis – not just historical Metrics – what will people be searching on your site in the next 30,60, 90 days

Key Metics – What matters to the Business

Channel Investments

Expenses per Click


Ave order value


Share of Voice

Should be very back and white – example shown looked like a basic invoice

June Li, Founder & Managing Director, Click Insight

Metrics aren't the problem – how we use them are.

Data and reports –> analysis –> opportunities –> action –> value  — but you need to understand the value before you can follow this process

Understand the desired business outcomes and goals

Manage what matters – what do we expect from our efforts and investments

how does our target audience behave

Which segments' are our most valuable? least?

What insights will you act on

The Analyst is the key, not the tools.

Search Ads & Landing Page Clinic

Interesting tool – Customer Focus Calculator – WeWe Monitor –


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Notes from SES Toronto 2010: Day 2

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