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Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Nov 2

Internet Marketing November 2nd, 2009



Internet Marketing Week At A GlanceHere are some of the latest news items we found particularly interesting in the search marketing industry for the past week!

Google Integrates Social Search

Though it is in limited release at present, Social Search in Google Labs allows you to find relevant content that your social circle has published in the Google search result.  This includes blogs, images, and practically anything that your social circle references.  To use this option you need to be logged into your Google account and be opted into the Social Search experiment.  It will then pull your GMail, Twitter or Facebook contacts and begin showing these results.

Google Introduces Personal Search On Mobile Phones

Google already launched personal search earlier but now it is available when you do searches on your mobile phone.  This means that you will be getting a better search result via telephone based upon your search history.

Enterprise Reporting Just Got Better In Google Analytics

Google announced last week a beefed up enterprise reporting suite through Google Analytics.  This means more advanced analysis features, expanded mobile reporting, better report customization, plus something we really like which is the new ‘Analytics Intelligence’!  See our full analysis of these enhancements in this weeks ‘Rise To The Top’ Analytics post.

Google Analytics Now Lets You Measure Conversion Goals More Easily

Previously we could only measure 4 goals per profile which meant a lot of back and forth and just plain old inconvenience.  Last week Google announced that you can now measure up to 20 goals per profile!  This includes a new conversion goal called ‘Engagement Goals’. To learn more about ‘Engagement Goals’ visit the official Google release.  In short – we get even more measurement!

Matt Asks Us All To Keep Thinking About Negative Keyword Thinking

Probably one of the most overlooked and most powerful thing you can do in your PPC campaign is ensure the use of negative keywords to filter our irrelevant searches.  Matt talks more about negative keyword thinking in his weekly blog.

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Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Nov 2

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