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Email Marketing – A Perfect Complement To Your SEM Campaigns

Internet Marketing October 10th, 2008


You have the Requests so Start Drip Marketing Them!

Email marketing has proven to be an effective way to turn people that are on the fence into real business.  It’s called ‘drip marketing’.  Email marketing’s geographical outreach can be gauged when it is realized that each and every internet user has one or two email accounts being maintained and visited regularly. It’s just a routine habit with every internet user to read and reply to his/her emails on a daily basis. All forms of formal, informal and business communications, are being sent using email services. People have become quick to realize its marketing potential and are devising ways  to boost their marketing campaigns utilizing the several options that the email system provides.

Here are but a few!

Cost Advantage

The greatest advantage of email marketing is its unique ability to reach a global audience with a minimum cost, effort and time. The costs involved here seem insignificant when you compare other costs in conducting a marketing campaign targeting that targets a wide audience. In all probability you already have a list of clients you intend to target; so the question of paying the cost with the potentia for new clients shouldn’t be a question. There are no substantial costs involved in sending out emails as these costs can be associatedeasily withing your marketing budget. Consider that doing an email campaign through a reputable source, (ahem) costs less then .01 cent per email.  Plus you get to verify who opens them!

Global Out Reach

Another significant advantage is email marketing’s global outreach. Offline and traditional advertising campaigns  also do reach a global audience; but the costs involved are rather colossal. Email marketing also makes it possible to track and gauge the success of a campaign as replies and action are all monitored which gives you the ability to tweak future campaigns.

Converting Fence Sitters

The ability of Email marketing campaigns to convert fence sitters in to potential customers has seldom been given due recognition. The truth is if you have someones email in your database it is because at some point they requested information from you.  While an email is not intrusive, it continually reminds the visitor about you.

A Word of Caution

You need to exercise the utmost care in your email campaign to ensure you target thoughs that have opted in.  This is because surveys have revealed that on average 75% of emails sent to addressees are not read and no follow up action initiated. It is advisable to only employ a consented email program whereby you only send messages to clients you already are familiar with or to potential customers who may welcome and respond to your emails.

Need Help?  Ask the email marketing professionals how to implement a solid email marketing campaign.

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Email Marketing – A Perfect Complement To Your SEM Campaigns

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