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Creating Blog Content to Attract the Right Customer

Internet Marketing November 1st, 2011


I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately asking, “What can I do to help take my Internet Marketing campaign to the next level?” There are many different areas that can be focused on, some more technical than others, but the emphasis that search engines will be placing on good, quality content is underestimated by many.

Social media is a great way to let others know about you and your company, but blogs allow you to provide full, detailed information on your services and expertise. Having a purpose and defining a goal with the blog theme you present is important, but don’t forget to think about what you want to teach your readers.

Learning from your competition is never a bad idea, and it’s important to read what others in your industry are writing about. By creating content that is more useful, more detailed and more organized, you’re differentiating yourself from the competition.

Content in Motion

Aim to solve real problems and answer specific questions. Try checking out forums, blogs, and comments of industry related articles – there you’ll find unanswered questions or topics that may have been missed by others. You can use these questions to create new, informative blog topics that people are actually interested in. There is a lot of power in the ability to solve people’s problems.

SEO - Blog Content in Motion

We live in a world where attention is becoming increasingly hard to grasp and we’re drowning in an ocean of information. If your goal is to generate traffic, links, and recognition, you have to eliminate noise and focus on the signal. You need to be known for it. Progressively, the time will come where people will visit your site expecting a certain level of content, and you will fulfill that expectation. As users continue to return, your reputation will be reinforced. Eventually, you will evolve beyond influence and become an authority within your niche.

The majority of websites lack focus when it comes to content publishing, they’re all over the place. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but as niche media on the web continues to evolve, as the environment matures, the chances of growing into a referential brand will be much less likely. In the future, noise will increase, things will only get busier. As an evolving strategy, success in an overcrowded environment needs to focus on quality and ignore quantity.

The goal in all of this is to transform your site into a beacon, a brilliant light that shines brighter than the rest. The digital world is a place where the noise is increasing. Websites with less noise will maximize impact and standout, ultimately attracting the right kind of people to your business.

– Brett Prince

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Creating Blog Content to Attract the Right Customer

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