How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

People on the internet are impatient, to the point where they won’t wait more than 2 seconds for a page to load before they move on to something else. Speed is a critical part of the overall user experience on a site and directly affects the way users interpret your brand and product. If your website takes too long to load, people will leave and many of them won’t come back.

Even worse is the fact that 44% of those people will tell their friends about the poor experience they had. This causes a ripple effect through your entire user base which costs you sales, visits, and everything in between. All of that in two seconds. Today I’ll show you just how important website loading speed is and how you can optimize your site for the best possible results.

How Website Speed Affects Everything

All of the major metrics you care about when measuring the success of your content marketing are affected by your website’s loading speed:

  •  Bounce rate
  • SERP ranking
  • Conversions
  • Page views
  • User experience
  • Overall revenue

One compelling story is the one from Chad Summerhill, Manager of Digital Marketing at U-Pack. When his team focused on site speed as part of their performance improvement plan in 2011, they noticed a major increase in conversions as the load times went down.

They did simple things like optimize images, revamp code, and basically trim down their web pages. This resulted in a 15% increase in conversions. In the end, they discovered that improving their website loading speed directly benefited their business.

The simplest goal of content marketing is to get eyeballs on your content. There are numerous ways to do this, one of which is a high ranking on Google’s search results. Organic search traffic is hard to achieve without a top spot. Believe it or not, your website’s speed has something to do with it.

Page Speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, and it ties directly into the overall user experience. Ultimately, the goal of a company like Google is to get people what they need, when they need it. That means seeking out the best of the best for each and every search query.

If your website is slower than a three-toed sloth, you’ll get passed over for one that delivers high-quality content faster. If you’re suddenly wondering how you can speed up your site and get ahead of the competition, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s take a look at an infographic that will open your mind to the various practices and tools you can use to speed up your WordPress site. Don’t forget to spread the word and show this valuable information to your team and your colleagues either!

When you’ve finished implementing these tools and practices, leave us a comment and show off your increased conversion rates!

Website Speed Infographic

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    I love infographics like this! Thanks so much, very solid advice! I’ll be sure to make use of them soon!

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    Thanks for the tips. It’s a great list to check sites against. The problem of WordPress being slow under load is increasing as they add more features to it, so if you’re not using those features, it makes sense to disable them.
    However there is something else you can do. if you are good with php you can also make your site faster by checking your theme against the way wordpress calls work. In same cases themes will call a subfunction multiple times for different pieces of data, instead of making one call to the parent function and storing the data. We managed to get our loading time down by three seconds simply by changing the way calls were handled in the theme templates. Removing unnecessary database calls in particular can make things faster.

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    Unsure of a WP developer ‘s responsibility,,,a great list. thanks

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