How to Build an Audience on YouTube [Infographic]

How to Build an Audience on YouTube [Infographic]

Youtube-infographic-TWGuest-minEverywhere you turn online, video is taking over.

While most major social media platforms are doubling down on video, there is still no bigger hub of video activity than YouTube. With over a billion hours of video content consumed every day, there is an incredible demand for high quality content.

That doesn't mean that it is easy to create a channel and find immediate success. In fact, it is very difficult as thousands of aspiring YouTubers flock to the platform and fight to gain the attention of the masses.

The most successful people on YouTube have a thoughtful strategy about building a following. Good videos are a clear requirement, but that alone is not enough to find a sizable audience. It is critical to consider the brand that you build, the content that you create, and the promotion that you execute. All three factors need to be in sync for the best results.

Like any good branding, your YouTube brand goes beyond the channel icon and banner art that you use. Your channel should stand for something and have a clear theme. Whether you are reviewing technology, telling jokes, or delivering valuable 'how-to' information in a given industry, it is best if your audience has an immediate association when they see your channel name. In terms of visuals, use consistent and eye catching imagery to stand out in the crowd.

Your content doesn't need to be professionally produced, but with the fierce competition on YouTube, there is a certain level of quality that you will need to hit in order to earn consistent views. Usually a modest investment in equipment like cameras and lighting, along with some editing software is enough to make high caliber videos. Some people find success filming on their phones and free editing software, but the content itself needs to be stellar because the image quality will be lackluster.

Promoting your videos will be important, particularly early on. Focus on promoting across various channels where your audience is likely to be found and go beyond the standard Facebook/ Twitter combo. Platforms like Pinterest and Reddit can be great places to find viewers in your niche. You should also consider partnerships that you can find with other YouTubers or bloggers who can feature your videos to related audiences.

This infographic from Vlogging Guides offers 28 useful 'hacks' for how you can get more views on YouTube by establishing a trusted brand and building loyal subscribers.

Get More Views infographic Pt 1

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    Great infographics on how to increase your YouTube Audience.Adding a channel watermark on the video is often missed out but it can be useful to make a remainder to our audience to subscribe our channel.

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    This is interesting! I follow many Youtubers and I watch their videos in my breaks at work or at golf games because they are very inspiring and entertaining. I assume that most of them have applied (consciously and unconsciously) some common strategies to maintain or even increase the number of followers. Nice to know those strategies! Thanks for sharing!

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    Great tips for building a successful youtube channel and making it more productive. Thanks for sharing the infographics.

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