Simple Tricks to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

Simple Tricks to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

Drafting and sending SMS from your phone is a straightforward and easy process. However, it may become overwhelming when you have to send messages in bulk or if you have to juggle between your computer and phone to send texts to your customers. It becomes laborious and it would probably be just as easy to call and speak to them. So, let’s look at some ways sending text messages from computers can be achieved:

Message People Through Email

Sending your text message through email is one of the easiest ways to text from your computer. All you need is an email id, the phone number you’d like to text, and the phone carrier’s name. Once you have this information you can follow these steps to send a text from the email. 

  1. Open your email client and compose an email with the text you would like to send.
  2. In the “To” field enter the 10 digit phone number you’d like to text. 
  3. Along with the phone number include the carrier's code.

The phone number along with the carrier’s code acts as the email Id, which will then send your email content as a text to those phone numbers. This way you can also send the text to multiple phone numbers just as you can send your email to multiple email ids, just make sure to include their phone number and their carrier’s code as an email id. Using a bulk email checker can help ensure that all email IDs, including these phone number-based ones, are valid and formatted correctly before sending out your message.

Remember the subject line and body of your email or “text” will be Merged, so it’s probably best to just use the body.

How to Find the Carrier for a Phone Number

To send a text through email you need to know the carrier’s name and asking your recipients directly is a time-consuming task. Instead, we can use the following websites to find out the phone carrier's information. 

  1. Free carrier lookup
  2. Ip quality score
  3. Textrapp

Canadian Carriers Codes for Email to Text

Here are codes for email to SMS Canada. In the instructions below I’ll explain how to create a list with your client/patient/opt-in subscriber list.

  • Bell Canada –
  • Bell Mobility (Canada) –
  • Bell Mobility –
  • Fido –
  • Microcell –
  • President’s Choice –
  • Rogers Canada –
  • Solo Mobile –
  • Telus –
  • Virgin Mobile Canada –
  • Koodo –
  • Chatr –
  • Sasktel –

List of American Email to Text Message Email Addresses

  • 3 River Wireless –
  • Alltel –
  • AT&T –
  • ACS Wireless –
  • Blue Sky Frog –
  • Bluegrass Cellular –
  • Boost Mobile –
  • BPL Mobile –
  • Carolina West Wireless –
  • Cellular One –
  • Cellular South –
  • Centennial Wireless –
  • CenturyTel –
  • Cingular –
  • Clearnet –
  • Comcast –
  • Corr Wireless Communications –
  • Dobson –
  • Edge Wireless –
  • Golden Telecom –
  • Helio –
  • Houston Cellular –
  • Illinois Valley Cellular –
  • Inland Cellular Telephone –
  • Idea Cellular –
  • MCI –
  • Metrocall –
  • Metrocall 2-way –
  • Metro PCS –
  • Microcell –
  • Midwest Wireless –
  • Mobilcomm –
  • MTS –
  • Nextel –
  • OnlineBeep –
  • Public Service Cellular –
  • PCS One –
  • Qwest –
  • Rogers AT&T Wireless –
  • Satellink –
  • Southwestern Bell –
  • Sprint –
  • Sumcom –
  • Surewest Communications –
  • Sumcom –
  • Sprint –
  • Surewest Communications –
  • T-Mobile –
  • Tracfone –
  • Triton –
  • Unicel –
  • US Cellular –
  • US West –
  • Virgin Mobile –
  • Virgin Mobile Canada –
  • Verizon –
  • Western Wireless –
  • West Central Wireless –

What to Do if You Cannot Find the Recipient’s Carrier Information

If you are not able to find the carrier information of your recipient you should create a bunch of emails and Bcc. For example, if you do not know the carrier of the number “5551234567” you can create email ids for this number with multiple carrier codes. For example, you can create,, etc. You can then add them all in the Bcc of your email. The easiest way to do this is to put them in a Word doc and find and replace 5551234567 with the real phone number (no spaces).

List of Canadian Carrier Emails You Can Copy In:,,,,,,,,

Now just find and replace 5551234567 with the real phone number.

Simple Tricks to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

That should spit out one of the correct emails that you can just paste into the Bcc field. In my tests, I have not received bounced emails from emails despite being sent to the wrong carrier.

Disclaimer: I searched for Wind, Public, Mobile, and Mobilicity but could not find any emails. If you find them please leave them in the comments and I will add them to the lists.

List of American Carrier Emails You Can Copy In

Like before you can use find and replace to switch in “5551234567”  with the real phone number.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I recommend using a Google Drive spreadsheet to keep track of all the email variations. If I’ve missed any carrier emails please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Thanks to Computer Hope for providing most of the emails listed in this list. I hope that my instructions on how to use this for customer service and opt-in marketing help you out!

2. Using Google Voice To Send Text From Your Computer

Google voice is an internet phone service that provides you with a virtual number. You can then receive and send texts & calls on this number. You can connect the virtual number to any of your phones be it mobile or landline. Once you connect these numbers together you can then forward your calls and text. With the help of a landline phone service, you can connect the virtual number to any of your phones be it mobile or landline. So if you have a landline number at home, a personal mobile, and your office number, you can then connect these to Google voice and get your virtual number. You can share the virtual number wherever you like and when you receive a call all your connected phones will receive the call. 

The best part about google voice is that you can call and text from any device. This means you can send texts to your recipients via computer. Overall Google voice is a great option for people who manage multiple connections at the same time. 

Fortunately setting up and using Google voice is intuitive and easy. So, let’s take a look at how we can set up Google Voice to send text

How to Set Up Google Voice on a Computer.

To get started visit the Google Voice website To get the free version click on “For personal use. You also have an option “For business use” where you will have to pay for the service, it comes along with additional features that will benefit your business and have 3 three different subscription plans.  At the time of writing, the plan and prices are as follows: $10 per user / per month for the starter pack, $20 per user / per month for the standard pack, and $30 per user / per month for the premium pack. 


Simple Tricks to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

The best part is that you get unlimited messages regardless of what plan you choose. You check out all their plans on their pricing page

  • Click on personal use and select “Web”, you will also see other options: Android &  ios. You can use them if you require. However, we will select “web” to enable sending messages from the computer.
  • You will be prompted to agree to all terms and conditions to continue. Go through them and agree to all the terms.   
  • Select your virtual phone number or vanity phone number from the options google provides, remember to give your right city or area code as this will determine the number you receive. 
  • Next enter the number where you’d like calls to be forwarded. 
  • Once you enter the number you can verify it with the code google sends you.
  • Claim your number and complete the setup by clicking on the finish button.
  • You can later connect multiple numbers by clicking on settings, then navigating to “Linked Numbers”. You will then see the option “New linked numbers” click on it and add your number. 
  • Once you have set it all up, you can start adding your recipient’s contacts by finding the contact icon. Your existing contacts will also be displayed here. 
  • Finally, you can send texts by navigating to the messages section. There you can select your recipient, create the message you’d like to convey, and click on send. 

3. Using Windows Phone App to Send SMS From Your Computer

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft came out with a new product called Phone App. It is a way for you to connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer. Once connected you can manage & receive calls, texts, and other media. As you have already guessed we can use the Phone App to send text from your computer. This is a really simple way to get started as the setup is easy, the user interface is intuitive and easily understandable.

The only drawback with Windows Phone App is while connecting with iPhone. With iPhone, once you connect it with the Windows Phone App the only thing you can currently do is send web pages or links from supported apps including web browser, YouTube, etc. So, if you are reading an interesting article on your iPhone, you can then send it to your Windows 10 Pc and continue reading on a large screen device. This means you cannot use Windows Phone App to send a text when connected to an iPhone.

Windows Phone App is built with Android phone in mind and so you get a lot of options including syncing media, calls, text messages, etc on Android. It is also because Android is more open compared to IOS and allows for more integration with other platforms.

How to Setup Windows Phone App on Your Computer 

Let’s take a look at how you can set up the Windows Phone app, connect your android phone, and send text from your computer. 

Simple Tricks to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

  • On your Windows 10 PC click on start and look for the Phone App in the list. Once you find it click to open. 
  • Once you open you will see a get started page, that talks about what the Phone App can do.
  • Next, you will be prompted to sign in using your Microsoft account, continue with the sign in or create an account if you do not already have one.
  • Once you Sign in you will see the option to pair your device. Follow the instructions and download the Your phone companion android app. 
  • Now that you have the Your phone companion app installed and opened, Click on Pair with QR code on your computer. 
  • On your phone, you will see the option to scan the QR code. Point your camera to your computer and scan the QR code.
  • The Phone Companion app will then ask you permission to access texts, calls, and files to sync them on your computer. Allow all the necessary permissions 


Simple Tricks to Send Free Text Messages From Your Computer

Great so once you have followed all the steps you should have successfully connected your Android phone to your computer. Now it’s time to send messages.

Sending Text Messages From Computer: Using Phone App

Let’s see how we can send messages from your computer using Windows Phone App. If you haven’t already connected your phone to your pc, please connect it following the instructions mentioned earlier in this article.

  • First, make sure your phone and computer are connected to the internet
  • Open your phone companion app on your phone and it should say “your phone and PC are linked”
  • Then on your PC click on start and look for Your Phone app. Once you find it click it. To make it easier it’s best to pin Your Phone app to your taskbar. You can pin it by right-clicking the app icon in the taskbar when it’s open and clicking on the pin to taskbar option. 
  • Once Your Phone app is open you can see menus on the left-hand side, look for messages and click on it. This window will show you all your messages and will also let you send texts.

4. Using Browser Extensions for Sending Text Messages from Computer

Here is another simple and brilliant way to send messages from your computer. There are various browser extensions out there that will let you send texts. Some of them are available for free, some with limited free messages, and others are paid. No matter which one you choose, it definitely makes your work easier. 

The method these extensions use to send SMS changes from one to another. Here are some ways they work:

  1. Connects with your Gmail account and send text from your email
  2. Connects with a phone app and sends text from the extension
  3. Connects with your carrier account and sends text directly

The only requirement here is that you use a browser that supports extensions. No matter which browser you choose, the chances of finding an extension that can send text are high. Just go on google and search for “Text from computer extensions” or “SMS from computer extension” along with your browser name. Let’s take a look at extensions for 2 of the most widely used browsers chrome and firefox.

Chrome Extensions to Send Text From Computer 

Here are some extensions that you can use on chrome to send SMS. To install these extensions just visit the extension link given below and click on the ‘add to chrome’ button. This will install the extension. Once that’s done you can click on the extension and start using it. 

  1. Send Your Email to SMS (text)
  2. mysms - SMS/Text from Computer
  3. TxtSync - Send and Receive SMS from Chrome

Firefox Extensions to Send Text From Computer

For Firefox users, here are some extensions you can use. To install them just click on the link below and click on add to Firefox, this will install the extension. You can then click on the extension to send SMS. 

  1. Pulse SMS Extension
  2. Send SMS with Mobivate
  3. Sms77 SMS & Text2Speech
  4. SMS Sidebar

5. Send Messages Using Android Messages From Computer

For most Android users out there, the default SMS app is ‘messages’ by Google. This is a simple and effective way to view and manage all your text. One handy feature that Google messages have is the ability to view your message and manage them on your browser. This is a lesser-known feature but is quite an easy and free way to text from your computer.

Follow these steps to set up and use Google Messages on your computer:

  • Visit Google Messages from your browser. You will find a QR code on this page. 
  • On your phone open the Messages app and click on ?more option
  • Find Device pairing and click on it 
  • Finally, tap on the QR code scanner and scan the code displayed on your computer

Once you have paired your phone, you can now open and send messages from your computer. 

6. Send Text Using iMessage From Computer

Just as Android has messages by Google, iPhone has iMessage. The biggest difference between the two is that iMessage works only with Apple devices and can also send messages via the internet along with SMS. So, if you have a Mac and iPhone you can use this method to send text as emails. 

To set up iMessage to send text from your computer, follow these steps: 

  • On mac open messages then preference and click on iMessage.
  • On your iPhone open settings then messages and click on text message forwarding 
  • You can add multiple devices this way and can also set up which device can send and receive SMS. 

Once you have completed the setup you will be able to send SMS from your computer using iMessages.  

7. Send SMS Using Phone Carrier’s Website

Some phone carriers have enabled users with the option to send messages directly from their websites. You can access this website from your computer to send texts. Once you sign up, you can check your messages and send texts anytime from your browser. Some carriers also provide you with a desktop app to send SMS from your computer. So, check with your phone carrier to see if you can avail this option. 


You can use any of these free methods to send text from your computer. In my research, I also found a number of services or websites that claim for you to be able to simply type in a message and send it from a website. In my test, none of them worked in Canada despite Canadian cell phone carriers being listed.

Some of those included:


Another problem with these sites is that they have a lot of ads and you don’t really know whether putting in a number will result in the recipient receiving a bunch of telemarketing calls — not exactly something you want to be signing your customers up for!

Sending text messages from computer: FAQ

How to send SMS via email?

Yes, you can send SMS through email. You can do it by finding out the recipient's phone carrier code. This code along with the phone number acts as an email id. Any message sent to this email will be delivered as an SMS. 

How Can I Send SMS From My Computer?

There are different ways you can send SMS from a computer. 

  1. Send text through email
  2. Send text using Google voice
  3. Send text using apps
  4. Send SMS using browser extensions

Can I Text Internationally With Google Voice?

Google Voice is currently only available in the U.S and Canada. However, those who have access to Google voice can send and receive SMS internationally. 

What's the difference between Google Hangouts and Google Voice?

You can make and receive calls & texts using hangouts as you do on Google voice. The difference is that Hangouts use the internet to communicate, while with Google voice you get a phone number and can send and receive calls and SMS. 

Can I Send Text Messages From My Windows 10?

Yes, with windows 10 you get Your phone app which can be used to send and receive messages. It also requires you to install a phone companion app on your phone to sync your devices. 

How Do I Get iMessage on Windows 10?

iMessages only work with Apple devices. They do not support Windows 10. That said, there are browser extensions and emulators that claim to enable iMessage on Windows 10.

Should I Use SMS or MMS?

With SMS you can send text under 160 characters. If you have more content that will not fit in an SMS then you can go for MMS. with MMS you can send images. 

If you still have questions about sending text messages from computers. Feel free to reach out!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Wind is now Freedom Mobile.
    The SMS Address for emails is
    Freedom Users have to send SMS 4000 from their phones to activate Email to SMS Conversion by Freedom (1 time only)
    Example of use:
    I am a software developer. When automatically loading external data, the data loader checks for data validity. All exceptions are sent to my email for corrective action. I have unlimited data on my cell phone, but I don’t want to leave it running so I can conserve the battery. The data loader also sends me a SMS to tell me to check my email. I use the code above to do it. Works every time.
    Here’s my complete list that I use for various purposes:
    (Unknown means last I checked, these carriers do not allow Email to SMS Conversions. Most you have; did cut and paste)
    – Bell >
    – Chatr >
    – Fido >
    – Koodo >
    – Mobilicity > Unknown
    – PC Mobile >
    – Public Mobile > Unknown
    – Rogers >
    – Solo >
    – Telus >
    – Virgin >
    – Freedom >
    Freedom Users have to send SMS 4000 from their phones to activate Email to SMS Conversion by Freedom

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    Suppose I could just try and guess what to use for Videotron (Quebec) cell phone customers and start by trying: (or .net). Give me a few days and I’ll report back on whether it worked or not.

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    Here’s some work-arounds that will also send free web texts for you in Canada:
    For Rogers free 2-way text message centre, you register an e-mail account with them first:
    For Telus, it’s even easier, and way less intrusive:
    For Bell Mobility:
    Can’t find a Wind or Videotron free texting web page or what their e-mail address ending (suffix?) would be, in order to direct web text to a cell phone number, though. Still searching around. Please post here if anyone out there does know. Thanks.
    Most cell phone users have free unlimited incoming texts. (I’ve e-mailed Virgin Mobile cell phone customers lots of times from my Gmail and know for a fact they have never been charged as they all had unlimited incoming texts on their cell phone plans.)

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      For 9000 subscribers, you’re looking at about $75/month. You will get a higher send rate + a pretty awesome email marketing platform if you so wish.

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