How To Use PPC To Promote Your Website’s Content

How To Use PPC To Promote Your Website's Content

Content cannot promote itself on its own, its need some tactics to boost its rate of success. Promoting content can be quite time-consuming, but it is essential none the less if you want to achieve success and get people talking. Generally, businesses will use social media to promote content and spread the word. But, another way to generate traffic to your content is through Pay per Click.

Putting your content in the view of your potential customers can be successfully achieved by implementing good PPC strategies and tactics. Sure, social media can generate awareness for your content and put them in front of your audience, but using PPC can also produce positive results. In fact, Larry Kim, Founder of WordStream, have also found great success in using PPC marketing for content promotion.

In this article, I'm going to share with your some effective tips to drive success for your content through PPC marketing.

Know your Target Audience

When you're creating content for your business, you should always research and determine who your target audience is. By understanding your audience, you can find out where they like to hang out on the web. By knowing what sites or social platform they frequent the most, you can set up PPC campaigns on the sites that will reach your audience. Your target audience for PPC should be the same as the people you're creating content for.

In addition to knowing where your audience frequents, you need to know the demographics of your target audience. Think about their age, gender, location, hobbies, and interests. Search engines aren't the one only places offering PPC marketing. You can even do paid advertising on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. In fact, what's great about these social sites are their ability to target individuals based on much-targeted features like professions and events.

So, know your target audience so you can make sure the money you spend reaches the intended prospects.

Add your Content to Fit in with your Call-To-Action


A call-to-action invites your target audience to try out your products or services. If content is what you are using to draw them in, you can’t simply say click here. It will send out a confusing message that may misguide your audience.

A good call-to-action will tell you what is going to happen if you were to click on a link and why should you click on the link as well.

The gist of the content you create should be reflected in your call-to-action tactics. Make a sales pitch and induce your target audience to actually click on the link you are providing them with.

Follow your Target Audience

Suppose Facebook is where you will find a major chunk of your target audience. So where should you go after them? Facebook!

Facebook is a great choice for PPC and it is one of the places where people consume the most amount of content. This social media platform is also an excellent way for you to track the interactions that are being conducted with your brand. For example, the number of comments made, the amount of likes that have been received, and the number of times the content has been shared.

People who are on Facebook wait to receive content and information that is interesting and exciting enough to straightaway grab their attention. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the form of a video, an image, a status update or a link. If your content appeals to them, more and more people will start to notice. So follow your customers wherever they go and see the number of clicks, impressions and page engagements increase in number.

Make Sure your Content and PPC Teams are on the Same Page

Content Marketing Success Via PPC

To attain success with content marketing via PPC, you should ensure one thing - the flow of communication between your content teams and your PPC should always be vibrant.

Understanding the audience that are clicking on your ads is crucial in getting to form a better picture for your target audience. Your PPC team can always provide you with valuable information on the demographics of individuals clicking on your PPC ads. This way, you can create content that caters towards that specific group and improve your clicks.

Throw in Some Creativity

Don’t only focus on the typical social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Broaden your circle and venture into new opportunities to get your content marketing efforts on a roll.

StumbleUpon is a social media platform that offers a service known as Paid Discovery. This service lets you get users of StumbleUpon to directly go to your website. Pricing is quite competitive and the target will be based upon the categories set by you.

Instagram may also be a great place for you to drive people to your website. It allows you to share short videos and a carousel of visuals. Remember that Instagram is a photo sharing platform. Therefore, you want to focus on sharing high-quality visuals to the audience there.

Think About the Sales Funnel and your Content

Content in the form of infographics is something that everyone is able to view and can reach the very top of the sales funnel. Free downloads, on the other hand, are designed to generate the flow of leads. When a download form is being filled by a user and they put down their email, it means that they have moved deeper into the sales funnel.

Pay per click is a helpful tool through which you can target any and all kinds of customers. Know the method through which the content is getting delivered to customers and match this information to your objectives. The next step is to decide on your budget, the keywords and the copy.

Traffic can be driven at the very top of a funnel with content that reaches a broad range of people and the content that gets hidden into a form or rather behind it will require a greater deal of commitment from customers. Make use of tactics like long tailed keywords so that you can reach customers further down the sales funnel. Once you do so, offer the content that is best suited to them and their needs.

These tips will hopefully help you in setting a stronger content marketing strategy and will help you in achieving more success via PPC.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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