Improve Your Content Through the Art of Stealing [Infographic]

Improve Your Content Through the Art of Stealing [Infographic]

Creating a piece of content that will earn a bunch of links and attract plenty of traffic to your site is a challenging task. However, there are ways to do it, and the team from Essay Tigers are offering us a solution in the infographic below.

At a first glance, the idea might seem outrageous -- improving your content performance through the art of stealing. However, let's take a closer look. The infographic does not urge you to steal. It suggests copying some of the techniques used by your favorite writers and bloggers.

1. Examine Your Favorite Blog Posts

Identify a piece of content you like, taking into account the level of engagement the piece received. This infographic details the basic questions you can start with: How did the post catch your attention? What tone did the author use? Did it have surprising statistics?

After you answer these questions, create a template that you can follow next time you sit down to write a post. It's even better to analyze several posts from different niches so that you can develop a universal template.

2. Copy the Techniques of Your Favorite Fiction Writers

What makes a good book? Typically, an interesting and relatable character, a captivating plot and an absorbing setting. If these techniques work for fiction, why not leverage them for your next piece of content?

How do you incorporate a character into your content? Include personal stories and anecdotes through video or audio.

Another classic fiction technique is the rule of "show, don't tell." Use plenty of graphs and stats to support your statement. Back up your thoughts with relevant research and data.

Building a plot for your content is also feasible. You can create a series of blog posts so that readers will anticipate your next article.

3. Use Your Old Content

Why create something new if you can explore your old content, find a piece that earned lots of links and shares, and repurpose it?

In this infographic, you can see multiple examples of how you can repurpose an old interview, videos, blog post series' and so on.


It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Thanks for your valuable suggestions, this technique of stealing is good as it saves a lot of time but writing your own unique content can improve your knowledge, writing skills as well as SEO search results.

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    Thanks for sharing. I am working on the digital marketing platform, really I was struggling a lot for content performance for website. Your article helps me a lot to improve myself so once again thank you.

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    Thanks for your post, it is very helpful. I came to know lots of new things. I think some of my friends want this stuff. It’s totally worth able to share with my friends.

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