7 Tips for Effective Data-Driven Content Marketing

7 Tips for Effective Data-Driven Content Marketing

The reality is that you cannot go far in the business industry if you keep using the same strategy repeatedly. The rise and development of big data has greatly contributed to success in the field of marketing. On that note, you cannot miss mentioning content marketing when listing the top data-driven marketing models that can elevate your brand to the top of the industry. 

Most people prefer using artificial intelligence tools and data analytics in making development decisions. But, content marketing has proved to cost 62% less compared to the traditional approach and generates three times the amount of returns compared to the traditional approach. To make your business recognized in the international market, you need to capitalize on the power of big data and capitalize on content marketing. 

Content is the king of all the necessary aspects in the marketing world. But, in this case, we focus on data-driven content marketing. Regardless of your business industry, there is no way that you can succeed without the effective use of content. 

How do you think people will get to know what you are offering without content? This question should always propel you to improve your marketing strategies from time to time. 

When people land on your business website, they strongly believe that you can help them solve the problem at hand. The solution that the customers are looking for is conveyed in the form of words and information. This is what we refer to as content! Big data helps generate data-driven content, increasing your chances of attracting more prospects. 

However, there are multiple untold stories about what you need to do to ensure that you generate an exceptional data-driven content strategy. Remember that content marketing is used to paint a great picture that will attract as many prospects as possible. 

You need to spend some of your precious time and learn more about different tips that you can use to create effective data-driven content marketing. Follow the discussion below for more information! 

1. Utilize Segmentation to Enhance Engagement

As a great marketer, you must focus on discovering more about your buyer persona. After collecting different sorts of information about your respective buyer persona, you will use this information to segment your market audience into different sections depending on their respective purchasing behaviour. Consider this aspect; some of your content readers are potential buyers while others are not. 


This indicates that the content you generate will not affect all your readers the same way. Dome readers are still on the lookout, thus considering different options before making the final move. On the other hand, some readers are ready to purchase immediately, provided that you offer a solution that can help them solve their problems. 

Given that the needs of your audience vary from one individual to the next, you need to consider the same approach when creating content. However, you will need to incorporate data visualization to ensure your readers can clearly understand your point.

2. Invest in Highly Targeted Landing Pages 

As outlined earlier, it’s important to change your strategies on regular occasions. Most business owners only focus on making their homepage the only targeted landing page. This is the wrong approach and can hinder your strategy’s success. There is a lot of potential when you invest in targeted landing pages. To get better results, ensure that every page on your website is a target landing page. 

However, this strategy fails to work among businesses with tons of content since they need help understanding what to do in order to optimize their content. This is where data visualization is introduced on the board to help companies tailor amazing content with all their respective readers on the line. 

Also, you need to be cautious about the kind of keywords that you choose to use since they have a huge impact on the success of your strategies. 

3. Monitor what Your Competitors are Doing to gather Essential Data Insights

Marketers not only focus on researching the market opportunities and how to persuade prospects to make purchases. They also monitor the competition across their industries to evaluate what other top-performing brands are doing. Note that if you want to beat your close competitors, you should have a good grasp of what your competitors are doing. 


After finding out what your competitors are doing, you now have to go the extra mile and gather the resources needed to beat the competition within the industry. 

When creating a content marketing strategy, ensure that you work on a solid foundation after conducting proper competitor analysis.  You can evaluate different aspects, such as the quality of the links used on their sites, and find ways to make yours better than any other industry. 

4. Determine the Trends in the Industry

Before you even get down and begin writing, you need to have a clear picture in mind about whom you are trying to address within the market. 

Content comes once you have identified your target market. You are not generating content for yourself but for your readers. To be safer, you need to research and find out more about the trends and patterns within the market. 

You can also use data analysis to depict the trends and patterns in the market and find out the best way to operate based on the patterns and trends. 

On most occasions, identifying trends in the industry is difficult, especially if you are doing it manually. Ensure that you harness the power of data visualization, such as the funnel chart, Sankey diagram, and world map, to outline all the crucial trends and patterns within the market. 

5. Get the Best Out of Your Data 

After creating an exceptional piece of content that you have worked hard to complete and are satisfied with, you post it for your readers to read and help them solve the problem at hand. 

After a short while, you will realize that you need to try something new that your audience will enjoy reading. In other cases, you may realize that you have worked so hard, but your results are minimal or below your expectations. 

This might leave you at a crossroads, right? But, there is always a way out of trouble! In such circumstances, the best way to counter yourself from this trouble is by repurposing the content you created in the past. 

This is the best approach to ensure that your content gets across to the entire target market. For instance, if you have written blog content, you can convert it into compelling infographics, a video, or any other format that works well for you. 

6. Run A/B Testing on Regular Occasions

Performing split testing on your content has a massive role in ensuring that your data-driven content marketing strategy emerges successfully. Running the test helps you to identify the best-performing content and the areas that need improvement to work effectively. Also, you can learn about some of the things you need to eliminate and how you can improve your areas of weakness. 

When doing the test, keep in mind that a simple change in your content strategy has a considerable impact on the success of your efforts. Also, ensure that you have made the required changes after doing the test to enhance the success of your strategies. 

7. Create a Plan for Your Content

Yes, many people understand the impact of content marketing on the success of their respective businesses. However, only a few people take the time to create a plan on how they would like to conduct their content marketing activities. In most cases, people need more time, while others need more patience to create and stick to the plan. 


You need to have a content calendar that guides you on what to do within specific time frames. In addition, you can acquire your desired automation tools to help you schedule your readers’ content posting process. Avoid using content that is already published always use the plagiarism checker to make sure it is unique.


Content marketing is currently operating on a different level! Approximately 93% of B2B marketers utilize content marketing to trigger the success of their strategies. As the business industry continues to record a significant change in terms of development, marketers need to change their strategies from time to time. 

With content marketing, you need to tweak your strategy to ensure that you attract a comprehensive market audience that will significantly impact the well-being of your business. 

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