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5 Tips For Creating Content That People Will Share

Content Marketing May 1st, 2013


Creating a blog is a fairly easy thing to do. WordPress and Blogspot are two simple places to start. What is not so easy is getting that blog seen by millions across the internet.

Creating viral content is something every blogger hopes to achieve. But it’s not as simple as Instagram-ing your breakfast every day or commenting on the latest breaking news stories. A blog needs to have certain qualities to make it stand out.

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Here are five tips which those viral blogs embraced, and which you can too to rack up hits on your own blog!

1. Humour

The internet is a place to let your imagination run wild and to be entertained. Most blogs which have gone viral have an element of humour about them. The content itself doesn’t have to be humorous, but writing about it in a relaxed, informal style with a few funny comments here and there will brighten up even the driest of topics, like The Daily Mash, which provides information on real issues with a light hearted take.

2. Opinions

A great way to get people talking about your blog is to have your own opinion. Blogs such as The F Word and Tree Hugger provide excellent information about causes and get their audiences thinking, which is what many people on the internet look for (as well as pictures of cats with cheeseburgers – another way to make your blog go viral).

3. Hobbies

A lot of blogs which went viral centred around hobbies. It’s great to see someone create something and then be told that you, too, can make it!

Food is a growing industry, with celebrity chefs and cooking channels galore, so it makes sense that it’s thriving online as well. There are loads of brilliant cooking blogs out there, but some that went viral, like Chocolate and Zucchini, managed it because they kept it simple and encouraged their audiences to get involved try out their recipes for themselves, as well as including useful hints and tips.

4. Following Trends

Another great way to create viral content is to be constantly ‘on top’. If you are at the cutting edge of new developments, whether they are in fashion, technology, literature or news, you are more likely to cultivate a following. Blogs like Tech Crunch went viral because they provided information about breaking developments in technology as they were happening; something which attracted people wanting to know in depth details about a relatively new topic.

5. Human Interest

Another hugely popular style of blogging is ‘diary style’.

Take blogs like Heather B. Armstrong’s, dooce.com, or Stephanie Klein’s Greek Tragedy. They focus on the ins and outs of daily life and are written with humour and honesty. They show us snapshots of their own, personal feelings which become totally relatable, and is what sharing is for, is it not?

If you’re looking to vent your daily frustrations, whip them up with a humorous flair and add them to your blog. You never know, the person on the other end of the internet might find your life highly entertaining.

Starting a blog is a great way of venting your opinions, sharing your hobbies and also sharing your innermost feelings. If you want to discover how to become a writer, a blog is a brilliant starting point as it gives you a place to flex your writing muscles, try out different styles and find your own writing voice. It could also, possibly, launch your writing career into the viral side of blogging and conquer the internet.

Did your blog go viral? How did you create your shareable content?

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Post By Jenny Duck (1 Posts)

Jenny Duck is a recent graduate who loves writing, with a soft spot for music, films and literature, and is currently waiting for her own blog to go viral. She writes for the GKBC Writers Academy.


Jenny Duck is a recent graduate who loves writing, with a soft spot for music, films and literature, and is currently waiting for her own blog to go viral. She writes for the GKBC Writers Academy.
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5 Tips For Creating Content That People Will Share

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