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Link-Building Without Content

Search Engine Optimization April 3rd, 2013


Link Building Without Content

Can you build links for websites that have little-to-no content? Can we build links without guest blogging? Many people feel that without content link building efforts are wasted. I will not argue that guest blogging and content doesn’t have value; I am simply trying to help people whose budgets and resources are limited and who can’t really afford to create content on a regular basis. Let’s say you’re not a native English speaker, but you are trying to get your English website ranked, finding link opportunities that don’t require content will prove especially useful.

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In this blog, I will give you results-oriented approaches that will get you valuable links. Before I detail these methods, we need to first understand why content is so important.
Good content should have a value proposition, i.e. it should benefit the reader in some way and e.g. “I will give you results-oriented approaches that will get you valuable links” is the value proposition for this blog! With modern SEO the value of content is high as compared to other methods of promotion. Moreover, good content will get you free links. To overcome a lack of content we need to focus our efforts on different link building tasks.

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Here are some basic principles which you should adhere to:

Quality Service

The primary motive of a webmaster/marketer should be to satisfy site visitors give what they’re looking for. The more satisfied customers there are, the more they will convert while they’re ability to give you referrals and leads increases. This will also increase the chance of getting more social buzz online, which often times gets you free links.


Design plays one of the most important roles for getting conversions. The more user-friendly and conversion-focused the site, the more returning visitors you will have. Be sure incorporate videos and slides into your design (this will also increase the chance that you’ll get links).

Be Social

One of the simplest and easiest ways of getting traffic is from social media. Social media can also help to increase brand popularity. This is one of the most cost-effective methods. Read more about “How Social Media Drives Killer Links.”

Using Social Media to Build Killer Links from Eric Enge

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the process of finding your competitors broken pages and discovering which sites are linked to these pages. Once you identify these links, you’ll need to contact the webmaster of the “linked sites” and get them to replace the link to a relevant page on your site instead of the competitor’s outdated, broken page. This is not a simple task, but this is a very effective way building links.

Interested in broken link building? Read “A Tactical Guide To Broken Link

Localized Link Building

If a business is concentrated locally, localized link-building is a great option. Local links can bring you relevant traffic that converts. Some of the different local link types are:
• Google Places, Yahoo! local, Bing local
• Local business directories
• Business partners
• City websites
• Local Directories/Yellow pages
• Video/Image sharing
Getting links from the website categories above are relatively easy ways to get valuable local links.


Holding giveaways for the purposes of boosting your rank is nothing new; it’s very effective when executed in a well-planned manner. When you give away something valuable to your people, they often return the favour by talking about your brand through social media; this will likely gain of lot of valuable free links.

Factors to consider for giveaway campaigns:

• Decide on the prize that will help people eventually convert.
• Decide what you want in return, like follow on twitter, Sign up to your mailing list, etc.
• Decide how to administer/build the giveaway system, there are various tools available. I recommend Rafflecopter and Punchtab.
• Decide how to spread the information, i.e. which social platforms and tools to use.
• How to pick the winner, how to announce the winner and how to send the prize.

Questions and Answers & Engaging in the Community

One of the best ways to get links is to engage with your local community, helping others and contributing in meaningful ways. These are very simple ways for attaining links. Let’s say you make a donation, you can research to see if there’s a place to include your link. This is just one example.

1-800 Directories & Email Signatures

Have a toll free 1-800 number? Get a few links in return. Also having an email signature with a link back can drive extra traffic to your site.

Build Relationships

The more bloggers and webmasters you know, the more links you’ll get. Participate in local meet-ups, user group meet-ups, conferences and get involved in G+ Hangouts/Skype. These are some great ways to build strong relationships with potential customers.


Building links without content is still possible if you think creatively. A well-executed content strategy will probably work, but it’s expensive and you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time and effort. The strategies outlined in the blog will help website owners who don’t have SEO knowledge; it will also be useful to people who are not native English speakers and for those whom it takes a long time to write content. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, so leave them below.

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With years of experience in the internet marketing industry, Christy prefers to focus on; Analytics, CRO, SMM, Local SEO and Link Earning. With search becoming more focused on local and personalization, Christy believes companies that capitalize on these changes will eventually emerge on top.

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Link-Building Without Content

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