5 Crafty Content Marketing Tips for a “Boring Industry”

5 Crafty Content Marketing Tips for a “Boring Industry”

Content is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle – without it, the overall picture will just fall apart. But, that’s not to say it’s always an easy task to grasp.

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Maybe you’re in an industry that has the power to put people to sleep and so content marketing is just not on your go-to list. We already know though just how effective content marketing is so shouldn’t we all be leveraging it?

The trick to a “boring industry” is simply creativity. We look at out how these so-called boring industries can actually give you the upper hand in content marketing and how you can leverage it for your business.

1. Boring Industries Create Bigger and Better Opportunities

There are not many people that enjoy writing for tedious topics like finance, insurance or file storage and thus, it makes it a lot harder and uneventful to leverage content around them. Most content marketers see bigger opportunities for topics like dating, health, home improvement or style because they tend to be a little more exciting. The truth is though, boring industries can actually create better opportunities for you.

The internet is swarming with articles surrounding exciting issues or ones that spark attention, which leaves a very competitive space to fill. In “boring industries” you see less people wanting to use content marketing as a core part of their marketing strategy – so, why not jump on the opportunity? With a little extra creativity boost, boring industries create an opportunity to compete affordably. This resource on creative content marketing tips from White Chalk Road gives some great brainstorming ideas when you’re stuck for some imagination.

2. Come to the Rescue

If you’re pitching to the right audience, your “boring” content may actually not be as dull as you think – and if it is, convince them otherwise! Discover your ideal customer and identify the possible problems they’re facing and then, come to their rescue.

Armed with your superman cape, rescuing your audience is about providing useful information for people with questions. Solve their problems and be genuinely helpful. Content that answers their specific questions suddenly can become interesting. Why? Because it addresses a problem, and content that actually solves things will be much quicker to gaining leads and customers in the end.

3. KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid!

If the subject is already a boring one the worst thing you can do is whine on about it with a lot of text. Keeping content simple with clear sub headings will help readers to stay engaged.

No matter how interesting (or uninteresting!) your content is written, it also needs to look easy to read. An important part of ensuring your audience aren’t bored to death is simply to not overwhelm them. You want them to stay interested and retain as much information as possible. Use bullet points, numbers, images and bold headings to break your text down into easily digestible chunks of information.

4. Make Your Content Visually Appealing

Content though, doesn’t just come in the form of text so it’s vital you add in visual elements to attract your audience too. People love visual – they thrive on content that is loaded with infographics, advanced content and data and so the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” should be applied.

5. Be the Expert

If you’re writing blog posts for your own website, you’ll find most clients are interested in reading them because you are an expert in your field. As an expert, you speak directly to your audience and potential customers as opposed to just being a business who’s constantly trying to make a sales pitch. This way your words and opinion are more valued.

Be the Expert

To further back up your opinion on the topic, consider interviewing other people of interest in the industry. Once an authority figure is asked to speak about a particular subject, it tends to attract more eyes and ears than if you just tackled it yourself. Incorporating this into your content every now and then will definitely add some spice to the topic.

Great content, content that excites and intrigues people is educational and useful. Regardless of what business you’re in there’s no excuse to stick to dry and boring approaches. Think about how much you can amaze people if shock and switch up your industry.

No one likes to read about something “boring”, but sometimes it’s necessary when you want to learn about a topic. By branching out and adding a little excitement, you have the power to influence the way people think. Content marketing can be used for any business when the right amount of personality, time and energy is invested into it.

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    Hi Jayde
    Thank you for writing this article it’s a great help for companies in ‘boring’ industries like ourselves. Work Compass sells Performance Management and Performance Review software which is not the most interesting of subjects so we hired Beano and Dr Who comic genius, Jamie Smart to write more of his alt dilbert comic Whubble for us.
    What do you think about this content? We feel that it gives our brand a more lively and exciting feel.

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