What’s Happening At TechWyse in March 2010?

What’s Happening At TechWyse in March 2010?

What’s Happening At TechWyse in March 2010?Ever since we began writing our ‘This Week In Marketing’ update we have been trying to figure out what helpful information we can provide our readership on a monthly basis that can add value.  After all, what we used to write in our monthly update was now being written each week instead!  The ‘Rise To The Top Wrapup’ needed a new spin!

Since our weekly update focuses on updating our readers on the latest internet marketing news and trends we decided that we will use our monthly ‘Rise To The Top Wrapup' to update you on many of the things going on at TechWyse and also some of the service trends that we are seeing in the industry.

This might be considered at times to be one of our more ‘salesy’ updates but our real aim is to let you know what we are up to at TechWyse and give you an idea of what is working for our clients.  In this industry education is key and if our clients are not educated we are not speaking the same language.

If you choose to do something with this information that can help your own company then we have done our job!  So without further adieu…

What’s Up At TechWyse?

Improving Conversion With Google Website Optimizer

WyseLabs by TechWyse TechWyse has now performed hundreds of Google Website Optimizer tests.  If you read many of our posts you will see that we love talking about how to improve website conversion. Simply put – there is nothing more cost effective that you can do for your company then ensure your creative concept speaks to your visitor.  Why spend money on pay per click campaigns if you are not split testing for results? 

In the last month we ran 23 experiments for customers using Google Website Optimizer.  With these 23 experiments we changed a creative element and sent half the traffic to 2 versions of a given page.  In 18 of 23 tests the new version that we built performed better. 

At TechWyse we offer a service called WyseLabs which introduces this testing environment to your website.  It is affordable and can impact your bottom line significantly.  To learn more about this service you can visit this page on our website.

Is Your Google Analytics Code Installed Properly?

We have built a nice little Google Analytics code scan tool which allows anyone in the world to enter a company URL and receive a free report which reviews your website for properly installed Google Analytics & Urchin code and also reports any broken links that your site may have.  Yet another tool that can ensure you are measuring and improving on a continuous basis.  Check out the Google Analytics and broken link scanner by visiting GPablo!

TechWyse On The Radio!

TechWyse on 680 News If you are interested in internet marketing in Toronto make sure to tune into your local radio station in April for a special tip from our very own CEO DJ Kennedy!  You can hear DJ on 98.1 CHFI, 590 THE FAN or 680 NEWS over the next 2 months! We love getting your feedback so if you here us make sure to drop us a line and give us your feedback.

Don’t Forget To Follow Us In The Social World!

You can find our updates regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Feedburner!  All you have to do is subscribe!

Recent Website Launches

Bedford Brooks Interior Design

One of the odd things about interior designers in general is that their websites are not always that attractive.  Peter Brooks, a talented interior designer in the Toronto area came to us because he wanted to change this observation.  His website features a clear call to action in his sales funnel, a clear statement of services performed and a dynamic gallery which he can update himself!  Check it out!


The Family Enhancement Centre

Our client came to us wanting to increase both search engine exposure and the visibility of service offerings by the company.  After going through our creative process it was determined that we needed to follow the corporate brand.  We also decided to use a rotating flash piece to clearly show the visitor services offered by the company.  The end result was a clean website with strong conversion principles. Visit the site live now!

That is it for this month.  Stay tuned next month when we begin reporting to you some shared Google Analytics metrics that we are classifying by niche to help you decide how you compare.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Liked the new style.  I think such tweaks help you to give a newer look to your blog.   The two designs are elegantly done, that best defines the nature of the business. And conversion friendly too. Way to go guys!

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    What makes WyseLabs so unique is the arrary of technical stuff out there. Each one so useful such that it literally helps you grow out of the box. The Website optimiser is a very useful thing. To have a weekly update is like having some extra fat-free cream on your favourite coffee" 🙂

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