January 2008 Rise To The Top Wrapup

January 2008 Rise To The Top Wrapup

2 Main Things to Discuss in the Month's Issue

It appears that Facebook has proven what I have been telling anyone that listens. Facebook continues to dazzle and impress with its new pay per click system. Showing us high click thru rates and lower cost per click then more traditional advertising (such as Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search and Bing adCenter), I am continuing to encourage any business that is offering services 'business to consumer'. With Facebook, you can target your advertisement by geographic region, gender, age, interests (heck you can even target to people that are listed as single or married!) Take advantage of it now because as more businesses get involved the cost per click will rise.

Secondly, the TechWyse Analytics service, we call 'WyseLabs', continues to impress our clients. If you find you are one of those people that looks at your stats each month, nods your head and then doesn't know what to do about it, this service is likely something you would be interested in.

The Process Works Like this;

Step 1 – in the first week of each month we will review your statistics and isolate any areas of your website which we may be seeing issues with. (example: perhaps visitors are leaving your website from a specific page) We then come up with a mini project to help retain your visitor and move them towards the ultimate goal of the website. (which is usually lead conversions or online sales!)

Step 2 – you will receive a phone call from your account manager/analytics manager who will then do a statistical analysis with you and decide upon the project to work on for the month.

Step 3 – once the work is completed we will then review the impact of the revisions in the next month and start the process all over again! Think of it as a way to do something actionable with your statistics.

One of our clients received an increase of 100% of its leads after the very first month.

Here are some of the projects we launched in January!

Yes it seems we were busy with private health care again this month!

Alliance Healthcare CentreAlliance Health Care– While we did launch this site several months back (and it is one of my favorites, we finally completed the video integration in which we provided, film, lighting, scripting, editing and website integration for the new Alliance Media Centre – And yes the opening video is the actual doctor speaking and the music is original. Visit the Site!


Wellpoint Health ServicesWellpoint Health Services- Yet another launch of our growing library of private health care websites. Helping people that do not want to depend on the public health care system, Wellpoint had a particular style they were going after in attracting the right type of visitor for their target market. Visit the Site!



Mis ConsultantsMIS Consultants– Working with a different type of color palette was the challenge on this project. The more interesting part of this project was programming a fully dynamic job posting board and employer area. Visit the Site!




The Surgical Weight Loss CentreThe Surgical Weight Loss Centre – The challenge of this project was finding an interesting way to showcase a new product by the company that is marketed to an under 35 market segment. We are happy with how we integrated both flash and simplicity to render a very popular site from within our company. Visit the Site!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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