February 2009 Rise To The Top Wrapup

February 2009 Rise To The Top Wrapup

March madness is upon us!  For all of you that were looking for some love in the Valentine month 2009, it appears that many of us were left with a cold heart.  Both traffic and conversions were down for the majority of website owners in February.  This trend was flipped last year when February 2008 actually ended up being busier with both traffic and conversions. 

February 2009 Search Engine Marketing Headlines

Our most viewed blogs in February 2009

  • Perfecting Your Sales Funnel – this article continues to create quite a bit of buzz online as site owners try to understand how to improve the conversion of website visitors.
  • Why Build Your Website Using WordPress – A very good article describing the evolution of blogging software known as Wordpress and how you can use this as a CMS for your corporate website.
  • Optimizing Adwords Spending Through Analytics – This article was published almost a year ago by Robert from our Web Analytics department but continues to be a favorite amongst our community.

New Blogs Released in February 2009

Website Development Launches in February 2009

Bomza Law Group

The challenge with this project was to develop a site to a very specific brand.  The brand Bomza Law Grouphad  to be addressed and also include many of the conversion items that we like to place within our websites.  Emphasis also had to be placed on optimization for search engines in maintaining and improving the current website rankings.

Food Connex Forum

Global Events Inc. is an event management company.  The websites built for this client are Food Connex Forum replicated based upon industry.  The features of this site include, sponsorship visibility, featured list of speakers, and dynamic program download.  The sole purpose of this project is to get an informative website up quickly and easily so the client can focus on driving both attendees and partners to the site and present it in a favorable manner.

Executive Concierge Service

This lifestyle management services company came to us with a unique service offering.  The image challenge was to build a site that reflected this unique service.  Coming to us originally as a landing page client (for PPC) the client loved our landing page design so much that they decided to replicate the entire website into our new design.  This project was designed and launched on target and schedule! (we like that!)


Occasionally our clients like to send us their comments after we release a conversion friendly design.  This month we were very happy to receive a glowing comment from a site we released in the beginning of February for Garage Living.  A garage organizer and renovations company.   If you have something nice to say please feel free to tell us about your experience!

“It's been about a year now, but we finally have the Garage Living website up and running and I've been bombarded with compliments for it. Everyone who sees the site thinks its fantastic - visually appealing, user-friendly, informative and easy to navigate. The best part though, is that after having the site up for only a month now, we've seen a dramatically higher conversion ratio vs. last year. Our leads from the website have doubled versus last year, and we're getting many more inquiries and requests for literature. Brittany and your team were very patient and went the extra mile to do a great job, and should be commended for it!”

Yaaa TechWyse!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Online spend is always increasing because the results are measurable. That is something that was not possible before the internet. Even in economic downturns people need to find out where their money is spent most effectively.

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    It finds that companies worldwide are struggling with the implementation of new strategies and they’re applying the rule of survival of fittest. Latest market surveys predicted that online marketing spend will witness an increase in the months ahead. Again another mad month is there…

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    But February has witnessed a flurry of conferences related to search engine industry. Economic impact on companies attending conferences, plus keeping up with innovations and slowed growth made the net busier than before.

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    Congratulations, you guys continue to grow and perform exceedingly well despite recession having had a telling effect on every economic activity in North America. Your quality offerings and timely delivery schedules must be insulating you from all the mess around. I am an ardent follower of your blogs. Great going guys.

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    We’re two days short too!
    Of course that is true for just about everything.
    Compared to the last year, this year companies are in a constant struggle for taming the recession beast. Naturally that will reflect in the initial months of year 2009.
    Latest market reports show a fall in big Apple’s share, their internet market share dropped a couple percent in February.

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