Celebrating 10 Years of Working With Our International Office!

Techwyse Intl Employees

Back in 2001 when I first founded TechWyse, I knew we were at the very beginning of a very new industry. The Internet Marketing industry. So long to the Phone Book and let’s all get ready for what the internet is about to truly bring us.

Our core business goal was to “provide high level business activity for our clients through online marketing endeavours.” Little did I know back then how grand this goal was. I quickly came to realize that getting companies ranked on this new search engine “Google” wasn’t enough. We also needed to ensure that the pages we were sending visitors to spoke directly to their users. We also needed to take our time to assess traffic patterns for our clients to determine what was working and what wasn’t.

After TechWyse started to grow, it was clear that our market was small- and medium-sized business. These companies had big demands. They needed a lot of attention paid to their business and they needed us to be affordable.

I had been sending some creative work overseas to a few contacts in India at the time. It became clear to me however, that in order to service our growing number of clients, we would need to be able to scale quickly. We also needed to have the ability to grow an operation in an area that had smart and technical people. Given that I had been working with a few companies in India for several years and had come to know the level of commitment and quality that I had received, starting a company in India was a logical decision.

It’s our 10 Year Anniversary

Today, April 24, 2016 marks not only my own birthday but it also marks the 10th Anniversary of our production centre located in Kerala, India.

In this time there have been many highlights.

  • We have grown from an initial group of 15 to now more than 130.
  • We have expanded our office size from 1200 square feet to almost 6000.
  • Our service teams have grown from just completing web development tasks, to now providing servicing from our SEO, Paid Search, Conversion, Analytics teams and of course our software development team that has brought us the tool that we use to measure the success of all our clients - AdLuge.

The Keys to Making a Multi-National Company Work

The transparency of our operation has increased as well. Back in the mid-2000’s there was a reputation that outsourcing meant a reduction in quality and greater aggravation. To that I would say - we don’t outsource; we are one company of now more than 160 full-time employed people.

Techwyse Intl Employees

Further to this contention, I have always responded that any company is only as good as its communication, process and attention to systems. Any time you have several locations you simply have to place a great deal of attention into all three. Whether our second location was located in Markham, Canada or Sydney Australia the same potential issues would prevail.

We have always stressed process and communications within our company. Our teams speak to each other regularly. We collaborate using software and we even have a Facebook group that we use for socializing and sharing ideas between offices.

Like any company, we knew we had to put effective processes in place, and from there it was a matter of growing the team with amazing and talented people. We're proud to say that TechWyse is brimming with bright and innovative people. Everyone on our team is smart, passionate and goes the extra mile. We all love what we do and we all understand why we come to work every day.

Intl Staff


Like any company we all have our times where we need to bear down and work through issues, but as a leader, the key to overcome is to encourage “positive friction.” We empower staff to own their departments and to make sure we celebrate success.

On Friday we took the day to celebrate—and celebrate we did! We had speeches from our management team, awards, dancing, challenges and even had our team do some amazing acting and skits.

10 Year Cake

10th Anniversary

Celeb 5

I am proud to be play a role in this wonderful company. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that work is also a place where you should be happy. But I can assure you that at TechWyse our goal is to make sure that our clients are happy, and that all starts by making sure that our staff are as well.

INTL Staff


INTL Staffs

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank this great team. Later this year we will be celebrating our 15th year in business as a company. Today let’s celebrate the last 10 years and also continue the push into our next 10.


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    I have worked at an international business and I can say that it is really hard to achieve 10 years in a environment like that. Cultural situations emerge all the time and if TechWyse was able to deal with this for so long it for sure deserves my congratulations.

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    Sreelal G Pillai 


    What a great journey TechWyse! It is the passion and the dedication that drives to such a great milestone. Happy to be a part of the team and I wish every success to TechWyse! Way to goooo…….!!

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