August Rise To The Top Wrapup

August Rise To The Top Wrapup

Happy Fall everyone!

If you live in Eastern North America, it was a very short summer. Lots of rain and lots of cool weather. In fact if you are from Toronto, Canada like us, you were subject to the most rain in more than 70 years!
Here is small recap of some of the news going on at TechWyse over the last month.
·         TechWyse is now a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant! We are the first company in Ontario, Canada to achieve 'Google Authorized' status. What a great accomplishment!
·         We are now 4 weeks into life at our new office. We are approximately 6 weeks from the completion of our renovations. For those interested in seeing images, feel free to check out the thread from our company message forum!

Christmas Already?

With Christmas (yes I said it) only 4 months away many people should begin thinking about marketing campaigns in the coming month. Did you know that we have systems in place to help you measure the effectiveness of print, and radio ads as well as our own traffic building internet marketing services?   Did you know that we can help you develop creative advertising which converts for both online and print?

Website Launches

We find that many people enjoy seeing our latest website launches, challenges and successes. So here goes! – Dr Yazdani came to us
because he wanted to get his first website built.
They have seen some of the other fantastic dental
websites we have built and wanted to make sure
they came to the best.   They found us. The site
was a pleasure to build. Visit the site! – This site was
taken on more than a year ago. As a caregiver company, the site features extensive programming which includes the ability to add franchises across North America, and the ability to manage each company’s mini website from within.  The site was built with organic and website conversion principles in mind. Visit the site!  – Drummond Equipment
is a material handling distribution company. They came to us because they wanted to transition their existing website which was built off of a website builder into a custom web design solution. We simplified what was previously an overly complex site into a nice 10 page piece and continued forward
the existing brand and attention to website conversion.  We are happy with the result. Visit the site!
Hope that everyone has the kids back in school and is enjoying the splendor of the season. We look forward to our continued success with you in the coming months.


It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    That TechWyse is the first Google Analytics Authorized Consultant in Ontario is indeed something to cheer about. It may outwardly look like a small step; but it surely is a giant leap for TechWyse. It may soon see a flood of SEO projects coming its way.

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