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The Business Makeup of Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver occupies a predominant position in the industrial map of Canada, and is the centre of Canada’s highly developed lumber industry. Vancouver is also fast becoming the largest software and biotechnology hub of the country. A majority of the leading national and international IT firms operate from the Western city. Vancouver, nicknamed “Hollywood North,” has a vibrant film industry and is the third largest film production centre in North America. The Vancouver port is the largest port in Canada and handles on average goods worth $43 billion per annum and employs over 62,000 persons. It is also North America’s gateway for Asia- pacific trade.


Internet Marketing will soon be a Major Draw Among Vancouver CEO’s

A large number of businesses in and around Vancouver that are stalled by the lack of further marketing avenues or have hit the curve where increased investment in marketing is money down the drain have another option- Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is a thriving industry, creating more leads a year than traditional marketing efforts for most companies.

The Internet Marketing industry has grown in prodigious leap and was valued at staggering $13.5 billion in 2014 (according to Price Waterhouse Coopers) with a yearly growth rate of 26.8%. Internet marketing firms like TechWyse with strong emphasis on accountability and Return of Investment have become Industry leaders in helping Vancouver based businesses in brand retention, increased sales, expanding market potential, and promotional initiatives.

Customized solution of Internet Marketing strategies to suit the business objectives should make the realization dawn on many business bosses as to what the brouhaha is all about.

Health Care in Vancouver

Vancouver’s surging economy is attracting a large influx of population to its ranks. Large scale industrialization and business activity, is taking a toll on the health of its citizens. Several super specialty hospitals have sprung up in Vancouver to cater to the ever increasing health demands of its citizens. The B.C women’s hospital in Vancouver offers specialized treatments for women and children, while St. Paul’s hospital specializes in heart diseases, and the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) offers specialized treatments for neurological diseases. A good percentage of the population relies on the Internet to get information on the specialized treatment facilities available at various hospitals in Vancouver. These specialized hospitals and clinics are banking on the services of Internet marketing companies like Techwyse to market their specialties to the people of Vancouver.

Health Care in Vancouver

Faster economic growth and competition comes with a price. Personal and industrial disputes will obviously witness a jump. The courts in Vancouver are flooded daily with innumerable numbers of cases. And the increased numbers of litigations are reflected in an increased demand for the services of lawyers in Vancouver, who are specialized in various branches of law including criminal law, insurance claims, personal injuries, copyright violations, labor laws and family disputes. And with competition hotting up among the lawyers, many of these specialized law firms in Vancouver have taken the help of internet marketing companies like Techwyse to position themselves higher in the search engines, get recognition and an assured spurt in business.

Law Firms in Vancouver
Law Firms in Vancouver
Real Estate in Vancouver

Vancouver is witnessing a surge in construction activities, a result of the tremendous economic growth currently taking place. The city of Vancouver offers employment to thousands in the Government, IT, finance, industry and commercial sectors. The increased demands for houses and office space in Vancouver are driving the costs to an all time high. Newer areas in and around Vancouver are being developed, to satisfy the ever growing demand for additional space. Real estate firms are rushing in to take the help of Internet marketing companies like Techwyse, to showcase their existing properties, and to attract new clients to the ongoing and future projects coming up in Vancouver. These specialized hospitals and clinics are banking on the services of Internet marketing companies like Techwyse to market their specialties to the people of Vancouver.

Real Estate in Vancouver

Vancouver, located in the south west corner of Canada, is the largest city in British Columbia, and is the 3rd largest city in Canada. Metro Vancouver is home to 2 million people, with Vancouver city alone accounting for over 600,000. Vancouver derives its name from George Vancouver, a British Captain, who explored the area in 1792 AD. Surrounded by water on three sides and offering spectacular natural beauty, Vancouver is labeled as “One of the most livable cities in the world.” According to a report by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Vancouver is credited with having the third highest quality of living in the world.

Vancouver, the City
Vancouver, the City


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