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Economy of Montreal

Montreal is one of the biggest industrialized cities in Canada. It’s also the largest financial service center in Canada, housing the head offices of more than 70 international institutions. Montreal is home to the largest inland port in the world on the St. Lawrence River. It’s the major transshipment point for oil, grains, sugar, machinery, chemicals, and manufactured goods for Eastern Canada. Montreal is also one of the leading container ports on the Atlantic seaboard of North America.

The major manufacturing industries of Montreal, include aerospace, electronic goods, steel, textiles, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication equipments, food, beverages and tobacco. Montreal is home to the headquarters of the Canadian National Railway, and is the Eastern terminus of Canadian Pacific Railway. Montreal has one of the biggest stock exchanges in Canada, with specialization in options and derivatives trading.

The presence of two international airports in Montreal further helps to boost the economy of Montreal. The Trudeau international airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Canada. UNESCO has named Montreal as a “design city” in recognition of Montreal’s design community.


Internet Marketing Consultants Boost Profits of Business in Montreal Area

The booming economy of Montreal needs to convert the potential customers using search engines to look for products and services online that Montreal business’ has to offer. With exponential rise in the numbers of people shopping online and seeking information for services from plastic surgery and dental makeovers, hiring the services of an Internet Marketing Firm like Techwyse has become pertinent.

625 Million Searches are performed everyday utilizing the long and deep reach of Google, MSN and Yahoo Search Engines. A large proportion of the searches made are possible revenue source or an opportunity for business’ to build their brand value. In large bevy of marketing option available today (like newspaper and television), managements are forced to look enviously at the success stories of Companies using Internet Marketing as an important arm of sales promotion.

Health Care in Vancouver

Several of the leading hospitals in Montreal trace their origin to earliest wave of immigrants from Europe, who set up clinics to provide treatment to the early arrivals. Montreal has over twenty hospitals and fifty six community centers. Many of these hospitals in Montreal provide specialized treatments for each type of disease. The Montreal children’s hospital, offers specialized treatment for children, while Montreal neurological hospital offers specialized treatment for neurological diseases and the Montreal heart institute offers specialized treatments for heart diseases. Internet marketing companies like Techwyse have offered a platform to many of these health care institutions, to showcase their specialties.

Health Care in Vancouver

Many of the leading law firms in Montreal specialize in providing a variety of legal services, including technology law, taxation, patent law, intellectual property, corporate finance, franchise and distribution. A good number of these law firms make use of the services of Internet marketing companies in Montreal, to discuss legal matters with existing clients, and to project their services among those that need legal advice. An experienced and effective internet marketing company like Techwyse, with several marketing techniques, is in a position to vault many of these law firms, to high rankings in search engines.

Law Firms in Vancouver
Law Firms in Vancouver
Real Estate in Vancouver

Flexible mortgage financing options, a robust economy, and an overall household income increase is powering a demand for houses throughout Montreal. The Real estate sector has become a sellers market. With the economy expected to maintain this growth momentum, demand for houses, villas, apartments, office space and commercial properties, is set to grow for the immediate future. Builders, contractors and real estate agents in Montreal, need to take the help of Internet marketing companies, to showcase their properties among the public. TechWyse Internet marketing company, with its inherent strength in the search engine optimization segment, would be the ideal option for those intending to project their properties to the people at large.

Real Estate in Vancouver

Montreal, located at the confluence of St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, is the second largest city in Canada, and the largest city in the province of Quebec. Montreal is home to one of the largest French speaking population in the world.

Montreal is the transportation hub for Eastern Canada, with well developed air, rail, road and maritime links, to rest of Canada, USA and Europe. Montreal also played host to the 1976 summer Olympics. Montreal is known as a city of learning and research. There are four universities in Montreal, apart from the several research centers and institutions of higher learning.

The climate of Montreal, touches extreme levels, with the January temperature dipping to as low as -15 degree Celsius. Montreal has 32 kilometers of underground city that houses shopping malls, banks, hotels, offices and museums in tunnels built under the streets. Montreal has the dubious distinction of being termed as one of North America’s “sin cities” due to its unparalleled nightlife. Montreal offers rich and varied culinary delights. Montreal is home to the largest number of restaurants in any city in the world. Montreal is every inch a clean city. In fact, a recent survey has ranked Montreal as the 10th cleanest city in the world!

The Business Makeup of Montreal
The Business Makeup of Montreal


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