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We have seen it time and time again. Suddenly your business’ SEO rankings have dropped or aren’t ranking at all. Why? Google penalties. Mystery solved, but not resolved.

The only way to combat ranking drops or removals due to Google penalties is to find what went wrong and make the necessary repairs. This could spam suspicions, bad or misinformed content, or more likely, a bad backlink profile. Google aims to ensure that searchers encounter legitimate and professional websites. If you cross the line, Google will apply a penalty that will greatly affect your ranking.

TechWyse offers a Google penalty removal service to discover what’s causing your low rankings, fix the issues, and start rebuilding Google’s trust in you.



A Google penalty is given to websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

In the SEO world, there is what’s called Black Hat and White Hat SEO. White Hat focuses on following the guidelines recommended by Google, while Black Hat takes advantage of these guidelines and circumvent them.

Although it may not have been your or your current agency’s intention, you may have stumbled over into Black Hat territory and were caught by Google. One of the biggest issues of Black Hat SEO is the manipulation of your backlink profile.

A normal backlink profile consists of directories, news stories, articles, and more, and these can be either dofollow or nofollow. Dofollow links act as a vote of trust from the website linking to yours and is a high ranking factor with Google. An unnatural backlink profile will see a high number of dofollow links that look spammy or paid for, and if Google catches onto this, they will apply a penalty to your website.

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Many website owners may not even know their sites are under penalty. If your site experiences a sudden drop in performance, you may have been penalized. There are two types of penalties to be aware of:


Manual Penalty

This is when an actual Google employee has manually reviewed your website’s link profile and deemed it unnatural, manipulative, and spammy.


Algorithmic Penalty

This is when Google’s algorithm (Google Penguin) has detected signals that are unnatural, manipulative and spammy in your link profile.

In both cases, but especially in the second case, Google could be wrong. However, if Google is right about your unnatural link profile (either from a former SEO company, a malicious attack, or paid for links), there is hope for your website.

TechWyse can help identify which of these penalties have been applied to your site. Our SEO experts will then recommend a solution to remove the penalty and recover your traffic and rankings.


Google Penalty Removal Services

At TechWyse, we have a dedicated team that will go through your website, determine what is causing the penalty, and fix the issues to remove the penalty. To do that, we have a few steps we take:

Assess Your Website
And Performance

First, we identify the penalty we are dealing with. It could be content, link profile, or other Black Hat SEO tactics implemented into your site. Our team will inspect your website for any malicious code, content, and tactics used that could have triggered the penalty, as well as examine your Analytics to find any trends in recent Google algorithm changes.

Build The Case

After investigating these main points of possibility, our team gathers the issues identified and creates a strategy to remove the Google penalty. We will use both third-party and Google tools to properly classify what is and isn’t harmful on your website and backlink profile. Once the strategy is developed, we implement it.

Backlink Profile

One of the main reasons Google penalizes a website is for an unnatural backlink profile. Since this could have been an algorithmic penalty, Google might have been incorrect or, worst-case scenario, found something that we didn’t recognize as malicious. We will evaluate your backlinks to find any trends or possible malicious/spammy backlinks that could have caused your penalty.

Implement Google
Penalty Removal Strategy

With the strategy in place, our team will remove anything deemed malicious on your website that could have triggered the penalty. We’ll also attempt to remove the bad backlinks by asking the webmasters of the originating website to take them out of their content. If we cannot get the webmasters of these sites to remove them, we will disavow them. Essentially, we tell Google not to look at these backlinks when judging your website. Once complete, we send a reconsideration report to Google, requesting a relook at the website and reinstate it’s good standing if what was malicious was removed.


Google can be meticulous when determining rankings and penalties. Google’s algorithms scan for malicious cases and deal with them as they see fit.

This is Google’s game to play, and we suggest trying to stick to the rules and guidelines recommended by them. At TechWyse, our team is experienced and knowledgeable of what Google looks for and how to stay within those guidelines. We’ll get your website back on its feet in no time.

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Frequently Asked Penalty Removal Questions

  • How Do I Know If My Website Has A Penalty?

    You’ll be able to see if you have an official penalty by checking Google Search Console, but this doesn’t show all the information you need to know. At TechWyse, we also look at your backlinks to ensure that no low-quality links weigh down your website.

  • How Successful Has TechWyse Been At Removing Penalties?

    TechWyse has been keeping websites in good standing since 2001, and that includes removing penalties! We’ve removed Google penalties and helped to regain rankings for dozens of various businesses.

  • What’s Worse, A Manual Penalty Or An Algorithmic Penalty?

    While both manual penalties (where a Google employee has noticed improper practices in your SEO) and algorithmic penalties (where an algorithm has detected aggressive unnatural linking behaviour around your site) are not ideal, the worst of the two are manual penalties, as there’s a higher chance of an algorithmic penalty being an error.

  • Can’t I Just Buy Good Links?

    No! Buying links is one of the worst things you can do in SEO. Google wants to see that you have earned links from other sites (that’s how they can tell you’re an authority in your field). Buying links is a form of cheating, and Google will punish those who have tried it, which is why we only obtain organic links for your site of high quality and proper relevance.

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