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Inside the SEO Industry

SEO is a constantly changing game. From keyword density to Meta tags, we’ve seen an abundance of optimization tactics both gain and lose their importance in the past few years alone. With so much evolution in the industry, how do you know which areas of SEO are going to be worth your time? TechWyse spoke with 13 industry experts to hear their thoughts on evergreen content, the world of social, on-page tactics and the future of SEO. Check out what the best Internet marketers have to say about smart optimization and lasting online efforts by downloading our free eBook!

Excerpts From the Interview

I can say without hesitation that social signals ARE NOT ranking factors in a normal SERP.
If you want to ensure all the main website juice flows around the pages then use folders and not subdomains.
Even if an unhappy customer story goes viral, there’s always a possibility to benefit from that!
Google look for Trust, Authority and Expertise, those are the main factors it take into account.
Infographics worked very well. For example our 10 Commandments of SEO and facebook cheat sheet have earned us hundreds of links.
A brand never lose a client if he still be present. Client can hate or love a product or a brand but they never forget that this brand exists if it still do action.
You need to have enough text on the page so that search engines can understand what your page is about: and enough that tells your readers what you’re all about.

About the Interviewer

Christy Kunjumon

I have over four years of Internet Marketing experience. I prefer to focus on Analytics, CRO, SMM, Local SEO and Link Earning. Search has become more localized and personalized over time and this is exciting to me. Companies who are able to capitalize on these changes will eventually emerge on top.

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